‘Teen Mom 2’ Fire Jenelle Evans Petition Gains Traction With Over 22k Votes

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans works up a lot of fans of the reality TV show by MTV. Accused by followers on Twitter of constantly creating drama to stay in the tabloid news, some people are fed up. Drama or not, they had enough of MTV promoting a young mother with possible drug issues in the home. A new petition has garnered thousand of votes to fire Jenelle from MTV’s Teen Mom2.

Plus, concern rises over alleged domestic violence. Therefore, they fear for the safety of the kids. Recently, a newer petition to force MTV to drop her from the show says the network is supporting child endangerment. And, it’s gaining traction with over 22k votes toward a goal of 25k.

‘Teen Mom 2’ critics think Jenelle Evans needs more help

The petition notes that Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons ever since she first appeared in 16 and Pregnant. Actually, viewers saw a lot of ugliness in the life of the young mom, Jenelle. Although she’s getting older now, it seems, she’s no wiser. In fact, Teen Mom 2 critics think she needs more help than starring in a TV show. The petition points out that there’s been “a long history of arrests, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse.” In the petition to drop her, the child endangerment aspect is highlighted. This may be why this petition is gaining some traction.

Historical petitions took aim at inappropriate comments. One on Change Org from four years ago, wanted MTV to remove her for inappropriate comments during a St Thomas vacation. Back then, anger arose after she said that she “wished Nathan Griffith’s brother Noah had dies [sic] in combat.” MTV’s Teen Mom “is over,” the site said.

Well, it’s not over and the drama continues. However, going on 25k is a big step up from a former petition which garnered a feeble 1,552 supporters. Incidentally, the newer petition cites the gun incident that horrified many people. Their concerns were for eight-year-old Jace, who witnessed her pull a gun on a stranger. Allegedly, it came after a tailgating incident involving road rage.

October domestic violence claims spark fears for Jenelle Evans and the kids

Recently, an incident from October brought a resurgence of concern to Teen Mom 2 fans. Over on Twitter, reactions started to surge after Jenelle Evans called 911. Apparently, she thought she had a broken collarbone caused by her husband David Eason and the tabloids ran the story. As a result, supporters of the latest petition on the Petition Site flocked to sign up since the incident.

An unnamed commenter wrote, “I understand the concept of a train wreck for ratings, and I love a good mess on Reality TV. But this is beyond. MTV is basically condoning domestic abuse, drug abuse, and child abuse.” Agreeing with that commenter, another said to MTV, “You are allowing her behavior, aired to millions of people each week and even more on social media, to be normalized. By giving her a paycheck, you are giving her a platform. Stop exploiting her.”

Should MTV drop Jenelle Evans from ‘TM2?’

TM2 critics know that drama racks up the viewers. However, they worry that MTV condones the behavior. In fact, From drink to drugs, road rage, alleged assault and beyond, they feel enough is enough. Actually, MTV stuck with her through thick and thin. Should MTV drop Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2? With over 200 comments on the petition to fire Jenelle today, it appears many people think it’s time for her to go.

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