‘Teen Mom 2′: David Eason Ready to Dump Jenelle Evans’ Rumor Gains Strength?

Teen Mom 2 fans should never be underestimated as some of these die-hard viewers read between the lines better than the highest paid TV critics. Jenelle Evans does not have a good track record in making the right decisions. David Eason may turn out to be one her biggest mistakes yet (Except for maybe Kieffer Delp). With that said, if the rumors swirling around her leaving the show are true, this may bring her nothing but heartache.

Today viewers of the Teen Mom 2 show see Jenelle’s future as one of sadness if she follows her husband’s wishes. Fans are warning Jenelle via social media sites that David will giddy-up and go as soon as her paycheck stops.

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Fans See Dollar Signs in David Eason’s Eyes?

While some fans see David wondering off now that he’s not part of the show, others are asking if this couple is for real. How are they going to live if Jenelle quits? One fan wrote on Facebook, “Oh that’s sweet I wonder what size dumpster they’re going to need to live in seeing how that’s how she makes her money and how he can afford to live the life he’s living as well.” At least this fan sees them struggling together but for how long?

Another fan sees David gone when the paycheck goes. One fan wrote, “Open your eyes Janelle nothing of your relationship from beginning to now w David has anything to do w love coming from him.” It looks like some fans see David with only dollar signs in his eyes.


Teen Mom 2 Star Paycheck

Granted, Eason is not a fan favorite these days after his somewhat disturbing antics have played out on the show. But the TM2 fans believe they have this guy pegged. They believe without Jenelle’s paycheck, he won’t be around for too much longer if she does indeed quit the show.

Living on Love Only Happens in Songs

If the fans suspect this, Jenelle can’t be that far behind in these thoughts. Or she may be fooling herself by believing that love is all they need to stay together. After all, Jenelle is the main breadwinner of the family. Some reports put her as the only one in the family with an income.

A recent tweet by Jenelle might have hinted to her not being on the show any longer. At the time she made this post it wasn’t known if Teen Mom 2 Season 9 had started filming yet. But today we know that it has.


Teen Mom 2 Shooting Season 9 – But Where’s Jenelle?

OK Magazine recently revealed that Teen Mom 2 is shooting the new season. Leah Messer shared some of her behind the scenes photos last week. She showed her fans that she’s in the scope of the MTV camera once again by posting these pictures on Instagram.

Jenelle Evans recently tweeted reprimanding words to her fans, which is nothing new for this Teen Mom 2 star. To make the point that the fans don’t see everything in her life, she said she hadn’t been filmed in the past two weeks.

David’s Ultimatum

This comes on the heels of the news that her husband David Eason has given her an ultimatum. The Hollywood Gossip reported last week that Eason told Jenelle either she quit the show or “I’m quitting you.” With Jenelle not having cameras following her around, it looks as if this rumor is gaining strength.

While some fans on Twitter have said they’d be happy to see Jenelle gone, others are warning the 26-year-old. The mom of three needs to think about her future, which may see David leaving either way. Recent rumors suggest that David threatened to leave her unless she quits. If these rumors ring true, this means if she stays on the show then he’s gone. If she quits the show he may go as well once the money dwindles away, suggest TM2 fans.

Either way, it looks like Jenelle may be in jeopardy of losing David. Will he stay without a steady stream of income from the show? Will he leave her if she doesn’t quit Teen Mom 2? Only time will tell if Jenelle does, in fact, oblige his request to quit.