‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans and David Eason Make a Drug Run – ‘Smokey and The Bandit’ Style?

Teen Mom 2 reports claim Jenelle Evans has been banned from getting some prescription drugs in her hometown. Did Jenelle and husband David Eason travel out of state to bring back prescription drugs? According to Teen Mom Updates, this may be the case.

There’s a buzz online after Teen Mom Updates claimed her family doctor put a ban on prescriptions for Jenelle. The alleged ban is to stop Jenelle from obtaining prescription drugs that may be addictive. This allegedly stems from Jenelle’s “pattern” of “losing” medication and requesting refills too early. As stated this report, it prompted the doctor to take a second look at Jenelle’s patient history.

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans – Doctor Bans Addictive Prescriptions?

This alleged pattern was not the only thing that this doctor may have taken into consideration. As written in Teen Mom Updates, Jenelle’s possibly lying about her symptoms also concerned the doctor. It’s alleged she presented with false symptoms to get medications.

Doctor Saw Red Flags – Jenelle Evans Prescription Pattern?

It seems the Teen Mom 2 star might have requested another refill of a drug. The problem – the refill request reportedly came much earlier than it should have. Teen Mom Updates alleges that this prompted the doctor to take action. The physician did so by allegedly instituting a ban on Jenelle getting scrips for the addictive meds.

According to Teen Mom Update, the ban didn’t just include her own doctor when it came to writing scrips for Jenelle. Other area doctors knew of the blackout as well according to the report.

A step like this would guard against “doctor shopping.” Often, people addicted to prescription drugs will go from doctor to doctor trying to get multiple prescriptions.

This apparently didn’t sit well with the Teen Mom 2 star. The report indicates Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, hopped a flight to L.A. almost immediately. She traveled to an area where “it is well-known that she [Jenelle] likes to buy drugs,” as stated in Teen Mom Updates.

Teen Mom 2 – Trip to California with David Eason Not Just Vacation?

It’s reported that Jenelle and David Eason flew to Los Angeles but, a look at Jenelle’s Instagram account shows the couple is taking a road trip back home. In her travel log of photos there are many pics of her and David Eason traveling by car from California back east. There are no photos of their children.

The post suggests David Eason and Jenelle Evans drove home because it’s too dangerous to fly with “the mass amount of illegal meds they brought.” This trip seems to coincide with her recent pictures and posts online over the past few days as they travel from California, down to Texas, and are slowly making their way back to NC.

While the report says “illegal meds” nothing has been substantiated. In fact, Jenelle might have obtained legal prescriptions for medications in LA. Different states have different laws.

In another report, fans blasted Jenelle Evans for her “vacation” with her hubby. Comments ripped Jenelle apart online for her vacation destination choice. They also laid into Jenelle for her partner choice. While she posted pictures of California tourist spots, some folks got online to shame her.

Jenelle Evans Blasted for Traveling with David Eason

A group of social media users was furious with Jenelle for ignoring the devastation in the state. They reminded her of the wildfires and a recent mass shooting. Commenters felt that the MTV star was vacationing as if nothing devastating happened in California.

“If you want to post about our state post about our residents who lost their lives and homes,” wrote one commenter. They ended their reprimand with – “I swear you ALWAYS are classless with the worst timing ever! SMH.”

Others couldn’t believe she’s traveling with David Eason after the dramatic 911 call she made recently. In that call, she claimed David “cracked” her collarbone. One comment said – “Nice to see you spending quality time with your assaulter.”

If Jenelle and David did fly to LA to purchase drugs (legal or not) and are driving them back to North Carolina, it’s strangely reminiscent of the 70s movie classic Smokey and the Bandit. In that movie, Burt Reynolds was Bandit and was helping transport a load of then-illegal and highly-potent Coors beer from the West because it had been banned in the SouthEast.

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