‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Gets Roasted After Returning To Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans left Twitter according to a tweet November 5. But she returned shortly afterward to post again, saying that she stayed away from Twitter because people are “mean”. Her second tweet resulted in a roasting, that may see her actually leave this time. Nevertheless, the account is still up and haters have much to say to her. Most of them criticize her for endangering her kids and covering up for David Eason, who allegedly assaulted her.

‘Teen Mom 2’ MTV fans diss Jenelle Evans after an alleged assault by David Eason

When Jenelle Evans posted her first tweet, she said, “Didn’t want my account deleted forever so hi, bye.” That got a lot of bad reactions. It all comes on the heel of tabloids reporting on her calling 911 in October, where allegedly she said that David Eason had pinned her down on the ground in the yard. She felt like he had broken her collarbone and she ended up in hospital. After that, she left Instagram briefly but came back. Twitter also noted a short departure.

The tabloids like People, US Weekly and more, all reported about the assault. Tabloids are not really the real dish, but followers of Teen Mom 2 enjoy reading them for the behind the scenes spice of all the drama. And, it seems Jenelle Evans thrives on drama.  Whatever the truth was, by the end of October, they seemed to have kissed and made up and got back into posting on Instagram. One of them showed a seemingly serene family visiting a pumpkin patch.

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Twitter fans worry at the way David Eason treats her

On Twitter, fans roasted Jenelle Evans over concerns for the safety of the kids and their anger at her. After all, if a man can “assault” a fully grown woman, what can he do the little ones? There’s not much sympathy for her, especially after her second tweet that said, “And this is why im always off twitter, everyone’s mean as f*ck.”

Here’s what some followers had to say to the Teen Mom 2 drama queen:

  • @Sunshineonetwo: “You are the epitome of trash. Your dramatics, poor choices, constant lies, manipulation, despicable parenting and ignorant immaturity have cost you the respect of pretty much everyone and every news blog out there. Loser! #goals #deadbeatmom.”
  • @TheTrut76887347: “So you would feel better if we would treat you like David does, be demeaning towards you, but we can’t do that as you’ll cry like a baby.”
  •  @Darlene21844929: “I hope all is well. I am truly worried about you and your children’s safety.”
  • @Emma116Emma: “Sorry to say but most people…are just being honest. You are in the depths of deep denial that you and your children are not in danger of physical harm. End of story.”

Not everyone hates Jenelle Evans

While Jenelle Evans got a hot roasting by many followers of the MTV Teen Mom 2 show, some people did stand up for her. Again, more out of concern than anything else. Many followers told her to keep being resilient, and that they hope things turn out well for her. But knowing Jenelle and the fiery relationship she has with David Eason, that’s hoping for too much.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans leaving Twitter and returning almost immediately? Does it almost feel like she knew she would get roasted, but desires the attention?

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