‘Teen Mom 2′ Jenelle Evans’ Hubby Sparks Eruption With Facebook Claim

Some Teen Mom 2 fans make no qualms about describing David Eason as a piece of work, which is putting it nicely. Fans have jumped on social media more than once to prompt Jenelle Evans to leave the man. Then there are those fans who see the Teen Mom 2 star as deserving him for putting up with Eason’s behaviors. Eason’s latest antics come in the midst of a custody battle with the father of one of Jenelle’s children. Here’s what we know!

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TM2 Eason makes strange baby joke on social media

He took to Facebook and claimed his wife Jenelle is 13 weeks pregnant and with a baby girl to boot! According to In Touch magazine, Eason was answering a question from a Facebook user when this reveal emerged. Jenelle was recently reunited with Kaiser, her son who is in the center of the custody battle.

Eason posted a photo of the happy moment on Instagram for all to see. Teen Mom 2 sleuths thought they saw Jenelle sporting a baby bump and the rumors emerged. It was what Jenelle was wearing at the time of the Instagram photo that started the pregnancy rumors. Jenelle swayed from her usual form-fitting attire and was sporting a loose-fitting shirt. That is all it takes.


Teen Mom 2 Fans Ask – Is She or Isn’t She?

Once David was asked the question, he apparently ran with it… or not? There is still some question around Jenelle possibly being pregnant. Although many believe today it was Eason’s idea of a joke. Eason did nothing to squash those rumors. This reveal on Eason’s part comes just days after a 911 call was revealed that was made by Nathan Griffith, dad to Jenelle’s son Kaiser.

What does that 911 call have to do with Eason? In the call, Nathan is heard reporting that Eason hit Kaiser with a stick, according to Us Magazine. Along with Griffith, his mother is in the fight with Jenelle for custody of the child. It didn’t take long for fans to pick up on David’s sarcasm. With some fans speculating she isn’t pregnant and it was just David being rather snarky. Jenelle is constantly in the news lately.

Eason Just Having Fun?

Whether Jenelle is or isn’t pregnant, fans will have something to say either way. If she is, there will be some flack from the fans who don’t like David at all. He’s shown his true colors on the Teen Mom 2 show when he blew up at the kids in a vulgar rant. That blow up was not that long ago and fans became worried about him being around any of the kids.

Whether they are his kids or not fans hopped online and voiced their concerns about him being around kids in general. This and the news about Jenelle, Nathan, bruises on Kaiser, and CPS investigations, it’s a tense time for these Teen Mom 2 stars.

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 Wait for Jenelle’s Official Yea or Nay

Still, some out there believe David meant what he said when he revealed Jenelle being pregnant. Those fans who think there’s a chance that she is pregnant are now waiting for Jenelle to confirm it. Although, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s rep made a statement denying Jenelle is pregnant again. He did so by offering up some rather personal information on the mom of three. Evans rep told Us Weekly that “David was definitely being sarcastic,” and that “Jenelle has an IUD birth control in and is 100 percent not pregnant.”

Just a “no” would have sufficed. Do the Teen Mom fans really need to know she’s using an IUD? That might have been just a bit too much information. Do you think it was TMO? Follow Soap Dirt on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest info on all your favorite shows. Come back often for more Teen Mom 2 spoilers and news.