‘Teen Mom 2’: Javi Marroquin’s Baby Eli Joseph Sports Cutest Hairstyle At One-Month-Old

Teen Mom 2 fans know that Javi Marroquin‘s Baby Eli Joseph came into the world a month ago. One-month-old already, the little boy sports the cutest hairstyle of the kind that gets fans gushing. The Javi mini-me really is exactly that, but maybe as he grows some of Lauren Comeau’s genes will show up.

Teen Mom fans see photo on Twitter

Over on Twitter, Javi Marroquin posted up a photo of his baby boy and fans of Teen Mom 2 couldn’t stop with the cuteness comments. However, the hair either amused them or made for some heartwarming comments. So far, only one comment was trollish and that one suggested Eli looked like he “belongs in a zoo.” Of course, they were immediately told off for being a troll.

When you see the photo further down, maybe you will join the other Teen Mom 2 followers who fell in love with Eli Joseph’s hairstyle. Here’s what some of those followers had to say about the hair:

  • @Cyannajamieson1: “He is so cute. Love his hair ❤️.”
  • @chelle127belle: “omg that hair!”
  • @TiredAFNurs: “Cute look at his hair.”
  • @Gliseria2531: “Omg his hair ??
  • @jenhearttaken: “That hair though……. ???

‘TM2’ baby looks exactly like Javi Marroquin

Fans of MTV’s TM2 show quickly spotted the likeness between Javi and Eli Joseph. Actually, the comments ranged from “twins” to “peas in a pod” and “mini-me.” In fact, the baby looks so much like his dad but some would argue, a whole lot cuter. The little fellow’s just lying there staring up at Javi with rapt fascination on his face. Dressed in shades of gray, both dad and baby look really laid back. Altogether, it’s a nice photo deserving of the all the comments about “adorable” and “cute.”

Little Eli came along a few weeks early, or not, depending on how you juggle the math as much as it appears Javi juggled the Teen Mom women in his life last year. Eli, born on November 15, had Javi dividing his time between Lincoln (5) who he shares with ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, and checking on his newborn and girlfriend. In years to come, the close birth dates between the half-siblings may mean shared birthday parties. As Javi Marroquin said on his Instagram at the time, “we do have a 5-year-old’s birthday we have to celebrate tomorrow.”

Teen Mom 2: Baby Eli Joseph rocks the cutest hairstyle

It seems that baby Eli Joseph already won the hearts of Teen Mom 2 viewers with his cutest hairstyle. The little boy also looks just like his Dad Javi Marroquin, who has a large following on social media. No doubt, he’ll be a precious addition to the family for big brother Lincoln too. Javi posted a pic on his Instagram when Eli was born. It showed Lincoln with a sticker that read “I’m a Big Brother!”

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