‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad’s Exit Show: One is Spitting Tacks While Two Bow Out Gracefully

Teen Mom 2 is not doing well when it comes to keeping the male species happy on their show. This week another dad made an announcement of their exit before the filming of the ninth season. With that said, it appears the men are moving closer to extinction on the MTV reality show.

It looks like the husbands, boyfriends, and ex’s of Teen Mom 2 are falling off at a steady rate. Some have bowed out gracefully while others are fighting tooth and nail to keep their place on the reality show. One dad is even taking their offspring with them when they quit.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Men Jumping Ship

Three of the Teen Mom 2 male cast members were either canned or opted out of the show on their own. Unfortunately for the ratings with each departure, a little bit of the drama goes. While the show is about teen moms, the entertainment value seems to have its roots in the drama that erupts.

The latest guy to announce their exit is Jeremy Calvert. Although nothing official from the Teen Mom 2 show has been released, Calvert has said he is gong. Granted, he hasn’t been one of the most active on the screen out of all the dads but he is now one more making an exit.

One, Two, Now Three Dad’s Gone?

According to Monsters & Critics, David Eason’s demise on the show was revealed a while back. Since then two more of the Teen Mom 2 dads have announced their departure, with Calvert being the third.

Unlike Eason, who has made a public battle out of getting fired from the show, Calvert has not mentioned any reason why he’s leaving. This dad appears to be bowing out gracefully. The other dad to announce his departure is Jo Rivera and he is taking his son with him.

The aftermath of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Battle

Monsters & Critics convey they are surprised that more cast members didn’t jump ship after the fiasco at the reunion show. Jo Rivera and his fiance’ Vee Torres have confirmed they won’t be part of the ninth season as well.

Rivera has also removed his 8-year-old son Isaac from the show. Issac’s mom Kailyn Lowry is also facing another one of her children being pulled from the show if her youngest child’s dad has his way.


Children Extracted

Extracting the children from the show might be growing in popularity with the dads these days. It seems Kailyn’s youngest, Lux Russell, might not be back as well after his father has his say.

According to Reality Blurb,  Lux’s father Chris Lopez is refusing to let his son appear on Teen Mom 2. The popular assumption about all these exits from the show is that they stem from the eruption of drama. It seems the reunion show might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to the unbridled drama.

Not Without a Fight

David Eason has made a public spectacle of his exit from the show after the producers canned him. His homophobic tweets left the MTV folks no other option but to sever their ties with him. He hasn’t taken the news well and he’s demonstrated that on social media.

Eason has cited a few of the inappropriate behaviors demonstrated by the other cast members. He is using them as a comparison since they didn’t get fired but he did. This Teen Mom dad’s wife, Jenelle Evans, is even refusing to sign a contract for season nine unless her demands are met. Those demands have to do with David being around for the filming of the show.

While Eason is fighting a battle, Rivera and Calvert are bowing out without all the drama their co-star has conjured up.

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