‘Teen Mom 2’: Heartbreaking News For Leah As She Watches Daughter Ali Struggle

The Teen Mom 2 drama has taken a heartbreaking turn for Leah Messer as she watches her daughter Ali struggle. A phone call from Ali’s school revealed how she is struggling in class with her arms and legs tingling. The twin daughter of Leah and Corey is also unable to remain awake during school hours.

Coupled with what Leah is seeing at home from her little angel, serious concerns on her health emerge. Ali’s teacher called Leah and conveyed that Ali is “hurting all over” along with the other things they’ve observed. No matter what else is going on in your life, as a parent it’s hard to find happiness in anything if your child is hurting and struggling. This is what Leah is facing today.

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Not the Usual Teen Mom 2 Drama for Leah

Teen Mom 2 usually makes news with the drama between the teen moms and their significant others. That does hold some entertainment value. This, however, is so sad when a child is in failing health.

According to MTV, the teacher’s call to Leah, along with what she’s been seeing at home with Ali is much more than the child being tired. Leah explains how the “kid goes to bed at 7:30. She’s getting at least 9-10 hours of sleep a night.”


TM2 Star Describes Ali’s Struggles

Ali, who was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, is showing increasing signs of physical limitations as well. Teen Mom 2‘s Leah admits she feels Ali is struggling. She offered up a few examples as to where this has become more evident in her daughter’s life.

Coming into their house there are three steps going up to the porch. Leah reports that Ali can barely get up those steps. They’ve resorted into coming through the garage into their home, as there’s a ramp making it easier for her little one.


Leah and Corey’s Co-Parenting Put to the Test

Leah and Corey’s co-parenting had its problems in the past – but some good times as well. But this is the time they really need to pull together.

The latest Teen Mom 2 spoilers show Leah booked an appointment with Ali’s specialist with the hopes of finding out what is going on with her daughter. Leah told Corey that Dr. Tsao will conduct a sleep study with their 8-year-old daughter.


Worried Mom in Unknown Territory

In upcoming scenes, Leah tells Corey that the doctor feels that all the symptoms Leah reported all lead back to her MD diagnosis. With Ali’s form of MD so rare, they are treading into unknown territory.

Leah tells Corey, “All we’re going off of is what muscular dystrophy is and what it’s caused in all these other cases.” Watch Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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