‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Makes Fans Think She Split From David Eason

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has fans wondering if she split from husband David Eason. These two have been through a lot since they got together. Recently, Jenelle went to her Facebook page and changed her relationship status to seperated. This really got everyone wondering exactly what is going on with these two.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Relationship Status

Jenelle Evans has a Facebook page that her fans follow. She went to this page and changed her status to “separated” for her relationship with David Eason. This had Teen Mom fans wanting to know exactly what is going on. Of course, Jenelle didn’t explain why she did this and then later in the day removed it. If it wasn’t for screenshots, nobody would even know that she changed it. The relationship status used to say “married” before today. She had to know that people would notice this change.

If you look at her page now, it doesn’t show if she is in a relationship or not at all. Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 simply took off her relationship status. It doesn’t show if she is separated, married, divorced or anything specific. So what does that mean for her and David Eason? For now, nobody knows what it means really. Jenelle Evans Eason loves to play these kinds of games with her fans. It gets people talking about her and that is a good thing. Jenelle is making sure she stays relevant.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans

Jenelle’s Reason for This Change

Fans are speculating that Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans might have made this post just to get attention. Obviously, it worked for her since people are commenting and talking about it now. Others Teen Mom followers think she was trying to sell a story. Reality stars like Jenelle can get cash from major publications that are willing to pay for a good story, but if that was her plan it doesn’t look like it worked for her so far.

Viewers of Teen Mom 2 know that it wouldn’t be shocking at all if David Eason and Jenelle Evans called it quits. Just a few short months ago, Jenelle called 911 on David. On the call, she said that David broke her collarbone at a house party. Then she went to the hospital for treatment. Later, Jenelle claimed she just fell down at the party and said her husband didn’t hurt her.

Another Broken Relationship for Jenelle?

It seems Jenelle Evans may have covered for David Eason if this did happen. Why would Jenelle Evans accuse David Eason in the 911 call, then act later like nothing happened. If physical altercations like this are going down, it isn’t surprising if the two Teen Mom stars really are over and she’s moving on. This could be just another in a string of romances gone bad for her.

For now, everyone is just going to have to wait and see if she reveals what is really going on with them. Hopefully, the MTV cameras are rolling and will catch some of the drama between these two. Don’t miss new episodes on MTV to see all of Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s drama.

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