‘Teen Mom’ Alum: Farrah Abraham Turns Pro Wrestler – Lips Prepped For Action In Ring?

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham, from Teen Mom, is moving right along by changing careers from a reality star to a pro wrestler. The MTV alum also claims she’s a “business mogul” in the adult entertainment industry. The once controversial teen mom is now part of the World Class Revolution of pro wrestling.

When the World Class Revolution released their statement, it was a surprise to fans of the MTV show. You could almost hear the slurp from the jaws dropping around the nation. The World Class Revolution welcomed Abraham on board as one of their newest wrestlers. Teen Mom cast members have gone on to try many different things. Although, joining pro wrestling is not a common career change for most moms, famous or not.

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Teen Mom OG Alum Equipped With Assets

It is not known just how much wrestling experience this Teen Mom former cast mate possesses. But she does have assets that will help her fit in. If you scan photos of the other female wrestlers with the WCR, you will see how she fits nicely. It’s safe to say she possesses ample curves for the skimpy outfits they don.

Recently a picture of Farrah Abraham surfaced as she was getting her lip fillers plucked from her once full lips. No reason was given but the procedure was photographed and posted to her Instagram for the masses to see.

Lip Vanity Could Cause Pain In the Ring?

With this latest wrestling announcement, it is understandable why Abraham is giving up the pre-fabbed plumpness of her lips. These wrestlers are far from gentle creatures. All it would take is an elbow in the face, however illegal this maneuver may be, to do some damage.

Her Prolonged Farewell From Teen Mom OG

People Magazine reported on Abraham’s exit from Teen Mom OG last year. She was fired by the powers-who-be at Viacom, the parent company for MTV. The people who fired her had one story and Abraham had her own version of why she was fired.

Her claims covered a variety of reasons but the gest of it was she believes she was fired because of her pursuit of a career in the adult entertainment industry. This was a claim that Viacom denied. Her volatile behavior was rumored to be at the base of her firing.

Farrah Abraham Didn’t Go Quietly

Farrah didn’t go quietly. She posted a rant on Twitter in which she referred to herself as a “business mogul.” She also claimed she was fired because “as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private !”

The former teen mother didn’t stop there, Abrahams saw herself as quite a golden catch for the Teen Mom show. She writes: “Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behavior against a professional hard working, honest mother.” She still didn’t come up for air, her grandeur about herself went on as did her bashing of the showrunners.

Sues Parent Company of Teen Mom OG for $5 Million

It was several months later that she filed a suit in court against her former employers at Teen Mom OG, Viacom, as Broadly reported at the beginning of this year. Abraham sued for $5 million in damages at the time. In March it was revealed that the case was settled out of court without any details as to that settlement divulged.

It won’t be long now before Farrah enters the wrestling ring with her full lips gone. After seeing what the female wrestlers wear it is safe to say her lips will be the last things viewers will concentrate on.

Farrah may not be wrestling after all

As soon as the news hit, there was much backlash on social media.  World Class Revolution came out and clarified their situation. They now claim that Farrah will possibly be only be a ring valet, which is a pretty face that walks the wrestlers to the ring.


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