Teen Mom OG News: Farrah Abraham – Broke But Still Spending Money on Crazy Things?

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham broke? The MTV show has made its stars, like Farrah Abraham, very wealthy. But is the young Teen Mom OG mother now broke? If she is, why is she still spending like there’s no tomorrow?

Farrah Abraham has never been very good with money

We watched her in the first season of Teen Mom get swindled online by an obvious and common internet scam. She wired $3,000 to a con artist. Then true to form, she called her bank, yelling at a poor customer service rep.  Of course, there was plenty of profanity involved.

The naïve star thought the bank should pay her back for a wire transfer she asked for, initiated, and approved. Farrah Abraham learned the hard way that life doesn’t work that way.

Then later, she took out a loan to pay for breast implant surgery.  If you have to borrow money to pay for plastic surgery, it’s probably not a sound financial decision. Her money choices have always been dodgy (at best).

Teen Mom making millions

No one expected the 16 and Pregnant spinoff to become a big hit, but it did.  And with it came riches beyond belief for the mothers. None of the teen moms were better at sucking out every dime from their newfound celebrity status than Farrah.  For all her faults, Farrah is a hard worker and will do anything to make a buck.  And as we all know – that means ANYTHING.

Farrah Abraham made her first million when she created a DIY sex tape in 2013.  Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, she probably thought it would give her a nice windfall. It did.

The film is called Back Door Teen Mom, and the title is more than self-explanatory.  However, the back story is far more interesting than the film. Farrah hired an established adult film star, James Deen, to be her bedroom partner in the film which she recorded herself.

She sold the video to Vivid (the largest distributor of adult films) for over one-million dollars.  The strange thing is, she brought her father, Michael, with her to help negotiate the deal. #awkward

She later claimed it was a “stolen video.”  The only problem with her story is that Federal law requires a signed consent form for anyone in an adult video.  Congress passed the law after Pamela Anderson’s video was actually stolen and sold.

To this day, Farrah Abraham insists it was a personal tape that leaked. Then there was the sequel Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. How does a personal leaked video tape get a sequel?

Farrah not invited to Teen Mom OG – at first

After Farrah made her adult video, Teen Mom went off the air. Then, in 2015, after over two years on hiatus, MTV rebooted the show. They renamed it Teen Mom OG. Farrah Abraham was not invited back.

After a few episodes, MTV decided to bring her back.  She is after all – rating’s gold! Farrah Abraham didn’t let any grass grow under her feet now that she was back on the air. As a serial entrepreneur, she used her fame to launch several businesses.

But it’s clear from watching her on Teen Mom OG that she lacks even the basics of financial common sense. Her management style and the demands she places on her employees make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Mother Theresa.

Her frozen yogurt store has only 2.5 stars on YELP!  Many of the customers complain about stale toppings and a chemical taste.  Some reviewers claim that Farrah has lashed out at them.

To combat the negative reviews, Farrah Abraham did what any good entrepreneur would… She posted a fake positive review on Google.  The only problem was that she forgot to log out of her real Google account and into a fake account when she posted the bogus comments.

Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham (review)

So the glowing 5-star review had Farrah’s name and a picture showing she wrote it – busted!  She ended the review by saying ‘GO FARRAH!’

She started making even more money when she wrote a bestselling book and started doing strip club tours.

Teen Mom and Celebrity Big Brother U.K.

Farrah Abraham parlayed her stardom into an appearance on the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother.  After watching the season, it appears Farrah is even more horrible to British celebrities than she is to Americans.

After spending a short time with Farrah, English actor Chris Ellison said, “I never wanna hear another f*cking American accent.”  Yes, she was so horrible to the U.K. houseguests, she turned them off to ALL Americans.

Of course, Farrah Abraham was evicted, but that didn’t stop her reign of terror on the poor Brits.  On an after-show, she brawled with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (a U.K. actress) after yelling “Hag, be quiet. Hag, be quiet.”

The after-show cameras had to stop after an elderly guest became collateral damage and was sent to the hospital. Farrah was forcibly removed from the studio by security.  And of course, Farrah threatened to sue.

Things were going great… until they weren’t

Someone once said, “If you’re bad with money when you’re poor, you’ll be even worse off when you’re rich.”

That’s why many celebrities, athletes, and lottery winners go bankrupt when the golden goose stops laying eggs.

Many celebrities own small businesses that go under once their income dries up. It’s easy to prop up failing businesses with personal income. But what happens when the money stops rolling in?

Shortly after her role on Teen Mom ended, Farrah Abraham closed her frozen yogurt store.  Farrah didn’t admit for some time that the store was out of business.  Then she finally admitted its closure on Instagram, and her response didn’t disappoint.

Farrah Abraham, of course, spun it as a success. She said her store brought “employment to this city”. She claims she closed her store because it has “taken [her] passion to the next level” and she is now moving on to a “large distribution on [her] proven company concept!”

Fans don’t know what that means, but no one thinks firing employees and closing your doors is a sign of a thriving company. She went on to say that her store was a “learning experience” and will share her knowledge in a Master Class on Entrepreneurship.  That’s not a joke.  Look at her tweet:

Is Farrah Abraham Broke?

According to Hollywood Scoops, Farrah may have had financial problems for a while. They posted this video before Teen Mom OG fired Farrah.

Dumping her real estate at bargain basement prices

We all watched, on Teen Mom OG, Farrah buy a townhouse in the Hollywood Hills for $845,000. She spent nearly $100,000 on renovations.  She recently sold it for $860,000.  When you factor in closing cost, taxes, and real estate commissions, it’s a pretty substantial loss.

Her house in Texas was on the market for several years. Farrah was asking $750,000 for the gorgeous home and eventually let it go for $499,355 according to Zillow.

Let’s all hope that real estate investing isn’t part of her Master Class on Entrepreneurship.

Out of control spending

When it comes to spending money, Farrah Abraham spends it like a Kardashian. Unlike Kylie Jenner, Farrah is NOT on the path to be a young self-made billionaire.

Farrah takes luxury trips all around the world and shops at the finest stores.  Her haters went crazy when she splurged on her daughter during a vacation to Dubai.  She bought Sophie outrageously expensive things like $150 glasses of apple juice.  To be fair, the apple juice was filled with 24-carat gold flakes. Not kidding.

Farrah Abraham also loves to spend money on plastic surgery.  She’s had nose and chin implants along with three breast augmentations.  She paid to have her lips done – then undone.  And recently she underwent vaginal rejuvenation surgery and had injections in her booty while her young daughter watched the procedure.

She also has expensive taste in cars. Her purchase of a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG can attest to that. Farrah is also fond of jewelry. On Teen Mom, Farrah has, not once – but twice, bought a ring for another man to give to her. Neither did.

Farrah Abraham and her lawsuits

Since her firing from Teen Mom OG, Farrah is trying new tactics to fill her depleting bank account.  Mainly, suing companies with deep pockets.

She filed a lawsuit against Viacom, the parent company of MTV. She claimed she was fired for her work in the adult entertainment industry. But as many fans think, it probably had more to do with her physically and verbally assaulting a producer – which was caught on camera.

The lawsuit was settled out of court, and probably for a lot less than the $5 million she wanted.  Fans think it was a nuisance suit and she would take any amount simply to say she won.

The other lawsuit she filed was against a live streaming service CamSoda.  They owed her $5,000 and claimed she didn’t fulfill her contract for an adult web show.  Many of the customers complained during Farrah’s live show, and the company had to give everyone a refund.

One Reddit user posted about his experience watching the live show. He wrote:

“The show is a big [clusterf**k] right now, just based on the comments… Ppl are paying but not seeing her do much of anything. She came back to the free live feed to vaguely apologize then pick up her phone and cut the camera off when pornstar/moderator Molly Cavalli commented for her to answer her phone.”

Even though Farrah is only owed $5,000 she is suing for $75,000.

The Teen Mom’s Future

Farrah Abraham is not off to a great start after getting fired from MTV’s Teen Mom OG. Last month, she was arrested after an alleged altercation with a security guard at a Beverly Hills hotel.  Apparently, she was creating a disturbance at the hotel and asked to leave.

According to People, a hotel security guard reported that Farrah “struck him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face.” She could be looking at a year and a half in prison if convicted.

Farrah’s financial future seems to be a rocky road at best. She’s scrambling to make money wherever she can. Farrah recently nabbed a gig with World Class Revolution wrestling.

If that doesn’t work out, she can fall back on her aspiring career as a screenwriter. On her IG, Farrah Abraham revealed she’s writing a movie – we’re not kidding.

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