‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn and Tyler’s House Trashed and Condemned – Amber Baltierra Shipped Off to Rehab

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are disgusted because Amber Baltierra, his sister, trashed their old house. In the latest episode of the hit reality show, the couple appears furious as they check out the damage done to their former home. By the time all is said and done, Amber heads off to rehab but feels “judged” by her brother.

Teen Mom OG: Catelynn Lowell Kicks Out Tyler Baltierra’s Sister

On the recent Teen Mom OG, the tension started when Catelynn Lowell made a bold move and kicked Tyler’s sister, Amber, out of their old house. MTV fans recall that the couple allowed her to live in their former home and has been doing do for quite some time now.

However, after Tyler and Catelynn Lowell evicted Amber, she completely trashed the place and caused serious damages to the property. The damages are so bad that nearby neighbors called the police.

Amber Baltierra Trashes Brother’s House

As soon as Teen Mom OG pair Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell arrived at their former home, a concerned neighbor told them about numerous complaints regarding their house. Apparently, these prompted them to call the police and handle the matter.

Speaking with the police, Tyler learned about their neighbors’ complaints, particularly about the current state of their old house. “So we had a few — obviously — complaints about your house,” one of the police officers told the 26-year-old Teen Mom OG star. “The main issue was the lawn and the front window. And right now, the water’s turned off. So what we need you to do is mow the lawn, cover up that front window with plywood, just make the house more…”

Tyler Baltierra Expected His Sister to Behave Badly

Then on Teen Mom OG, Tyler Baltierra told the police they actually came to “assess the damage” adding that they “kind of expected this” to happen. Upon closer inspection, Catelynn and Tyler were disgusted with the damage Amber Baltierra did to the property as a whole. The place was full of garbage. Dirty blankets were sprawled on the ground and spare tires were piled. Cate called it a “horror house”.

The couple even spotted a burnt vacuum cleaner. The City of St. Clair condemned the home and plastered a notice on the front door. The notice stated that the Teen Mom OG couple’s past house “is deemed UNSAFE. It is a misdemeanor to occupy or allow a person or pet to occupy this premises and/or structure. There is a $500.00 fine and/or 90 days in for removing or defacing this notice.”

Who Is Amber Baltierra?

Fans of Teen Mom OG are probably already familiar with Tyler’s older sister, Amber. The mother-of-two has made a few cameos on the show, some of which were quite controversial. In May, Amber entered rehab to address her drug addiction. She also opened up about how she copes with the situation for the sake of her children.

Tyler Baltierra has been very vocal about his support for his big sister. In fact, he even lauded her recovery efforts and participated in her weekly therapy sessions. Prior to her rehab, Amber’s family members expressed concerns about her well-being.

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