‘Teen Mom OG’ Spoilers: Maci Bookout Winning at Life as Ryan Edwards Hits Rock Bottom Again

Teen Mom OG stars Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have been through a lot over the years. Maci really has her act together right now, but Ryan is suffering again. The Teen Mom OG parents don’t even speak to each other at this time. They do exchanges with Bentley through his grandparents. That way they don’t even have to talk or see one another.

Teen Mom OG update on Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards just got out of jail once again recently. He was arrested for heroin possession back in July. At the time, Ryan tried to say he was really only arrested for not finishing his community service. It isn’t that hard to finish, but he swears he thought he had more time. Ryan has been arrested multiple times. As Ryan’s life is totally falling apart, things are looking up for Maci Bookout. Ryan also spent some time in rehab after his arrest. He may be trying to get his life together, but it doesn’t look like it is all fixed just yet.

Ryan’s mom Jen actually revealed that she felt like he deserved to go to jail. Larry even told Bentley about the arrest. They were hanging out in the garage and he was sure that Bentley knew the truth, but he told him anyway. They made sure he knows that Ryan is getting clean. Maci has requested that he does drug tests in the past and it is understandable why.

Just a week ago Maci bought a new house in Tennessee. This house sold for $625,000. It is 3,630 square foot. This four bedroom and three and a half bath house shows how well things are going for Maci. Ryan’s life certainly doesn’t look like that right now. He missed his child’s birth because he was in rehab.

Teen Mom OG spoiler: Maci Bookout is upset at Ryan Edwards parents

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout gets really mad at Jen and Larry Edwards, Ryan Edwards’ parents. They decide it is okay to talk to Bentley about private school. The thing is they didn’t discuss this with Maci first. Of course, Maci can afford it, but it might not be what she wants to do.

Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney is also upset. He doesn’t think that Bentley understands at all. He doesn’t want their son to try to go there just because he thinks it is like getting a new thing. They really don’t want Bentley to think that he is on a pedestal and want him to grow up like a normal child. Maci and Taylor’s money situation and being on television could make him feel like he is better than other kids and they don’t want that at all.

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