‘Teen Mom’ Spoilers: Bristol Palin Replaces Fired Farrah – Levi Johnston Joins Cast Too?

Teen Mom OG has found a replacement for Farrah Abraham. The fired reality star will be replaced with Bristol Palin. MTV is really changing things up next season, but will the change include Bristol’s ex Levi Johnston? This is going to be a big change from the fallen Farrah. Bristol’s mom is ultra-conservative former Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin who had her own reality show at one time.

Details on Bristol Palin joining the show

TMZ revealed today that Bristol will be the one taking over for backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. Farrah was fired from the show recently. After being fired from the show, Farrah turned to wrestling and acted like she thought she could make a living in the World Class Revolution. It was reported that Farrah was fired because she is difficult. She never admitted to that and blamed the fact that she is a porn star on losing her job.  However, she was famous for being verbally and physically abusive with the crew.  She was even shown assaulting a producer while on camera.

Now, Bristol Palin is said to be taking over for Farrah Abraham. She is 27-years-old, has three children and is a teen mom who had her first child at the age of 17. This makes her a great fit for the show, but she isn’t an OG like they normally have on this series. She will be one that will bring in ratings and even some new viewers for the show.


Will Levi Johnston be on Teen Mom OG?

One thing fans want to know is if Levi Johnston will show up on the series as well. Levi is the father of her first child, which would make him perfect for the series. Levi and Bristol have a pretty crazy relationship that would be great for on-screen drama.

Bristol Palin is married to Dakota Meyer at this time. Back in February of 2018, he filed for divorce from her, but the two have been sharing photos of each other on their social networks as recently as last month. Bristol wished him a “Happy Birthday.” You never know if Dakota will show up, but Levi on the show would bring in the ratings more. Levi is a hunk and because of this the viewers want to see him. Levi probably would love having his face on television. Most importantly, these two went through a very nasty custody battle when they divorced.

Bristol talks Levi stealing her virginity

Palin actually wrote her own book and she was very open in it. This book is titled Not Afraid of My Life: My Journey so Far. In the book, Bristol talks about Levi saying he actually stole her virginity. She shares that he got her drunk before the first time they had sex. Bristol says she isn’t accusing him of date rape or anything. She feels like she shouldn’t have been drinking underage and because of it she got into the situation like that where she would lose her virginity.

Bristol Palin admits she was using birth control and it didn’t work to keep her from getting pregnant as a teen. She feels like abstaining from sex is the only way to keep from this happening. Palin hopes people can learn from her book.

Another thing Bristol said at the time was that Levi didn’t see her son as much as he is entitled to. Things may have changed in the years since this interview was done.


Farrah Abraham Gone for Good?

Teen Mom OG will return this fall without Farrah Abraham. Amber Portwood, McKenzie McKee, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell will all be back again. Bristol Palin would be a great addition to the cast. So far, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are both being quiet on if this is true and if he will be there as well as her.

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