‘Teen Mom 2’ Alum Blames MTV For Jenelle’s Lot In Life – Everything But Sinking House?

Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Jenelle Evan’s life implode more than once and it almost always appears to be self-inflicted. According to a new report from a former cast member, it is not Jenelle, but MTV that is to blame. This finger pointer saddles MTV with the blame for just about everything but her sinking house. Unless of course, they built it for her!

Teen Mom 2 Queen of Implosions

So you don’t take this finger pointing as a serious accusation, you need to know where it is coming from. The queen of life implosions herself is blaming the folks behind the Teen Mom 2 show for Jenelle’s problems. That would be Farrah Abraham.

According to TMZ, they caught up with Abraham on Friday night as she was leaving Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. The reporter asked Abraham what she thought of the road rage incident that Jenelle was involved in. Not much has changed with this former Teen Mom star. As soon as she saw the camera, she was turned on as if she had some type of button pushed.

Finger Pointing

While Abraham couldn’t condone what Jenelle did, she didn’t blame it on the mother of three. Abraham flat out said it was MTV’s fault for this incident. She had even more than the road rage incident to pin on MTV in her spiel. Now that she had the camera in front of her she took advantage of some airtime!

Abraham claims the MTV people let this road rage incident play out. Not only putting Jenelle and her son in jeopardy but it put the MTV film crew in harm’s way as well. All for the sake of getting good ratings.


Teen Mom 2 Finger Pointing All the Way to the White House?

The former Teen Mom 2 star also took this opportunity to sound off about Ryan Edwards. She offered up another example of the production team being complicit in illegal behavior. That has to do with Edwards and his drugs. She ponders if MTV is out to ruin lives rather than just provide entertainment. Now that she bashed MTV for the behaviors of their cast members she moved on to politics.
With the TMZ cameras still rolling Abraham decided to discuss some other recent events she sees as just wrong. This had nothing what-so-ever to do with Teen Mom but she had even more illegal activity on her mind. TMZ Reports “Farrah also goes off on the latest Donald Trump Walk of Fame star vandal, saying he should be in jail and the haters need to get over it.”  It looks like in the span of five minutes Abraham not only has Teen Mom 2 problems solved but the President’s as well.