‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle’s Gun Offers Ammunition For Custody Battle?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is the mom of three kids, but she only has custody of two of her children right now. If Nathan Griffith has anything to say about this, Jenelle will soon be left with one child in the home. It seems that Jenelle’s latest antics, which aired on this week’s Teen Mom 2, added fuel to the custody battle fire.

Jenelle Evans Her Own Worst Enemy

Nathan is the dad to Jenelle Evans’ middle child, Kaiser. He believes Jenelle’s road rage incident will help him with his custody battle for the preschooler. While the 4-year-old was not with her at the time of the road rage incident, her 8-year-old son Jace was. The Teen Mom 2 footage that aired this week shows that Jenelle put her son Jace in harm’s way.

By now most Teen Mom 2 fans have seen the clip of Jenelle pulling a gun on another driver in a road rage incident. Most fans are also aware that Jace looked frightened by his mother’s actions.

Lucky to Be Alive

The other driver of the car told TMZ that Jenelle is lucky she didn’t have her head blown off. He too carries a gun with him and she pulled a weapon on him first. Once he saw that Jenelle was following him home, he alerted his neighbors.

Robert Robinson Jr. was the other driver and he alerted neighbors to a car following him home. His gun-toting neighbors are like family to him, so they had his back.

Teen Mom 2 Shows Risk of Harm to Jace

It was Robinson himself who didn’t go any further after he spotted the young boy in the car. That was Jace. For this reason, he believes Jenelle is lucky to be alive today after pulling a gun on him.

Nathan thinks Jenelle’s actions will definitely help him to prove Kaiser will be safer with him. He started this custody battle after finding five bruises on his son’s backside. Kaiser allegedly told him David hit him with a stick.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans’ Home Unsafe?

That would be David Eason, Jenelle’s husband and the stepfather of Kaiser. Jenelle Evans and David Eason have a toddler together, a little girl. If the court finds their home unsafe for Kaiser, will the state find the home not safe for any kids?

Could Jenelle be in jeopardy of losing custody of all her kids?

Teen Mom 2 Dad, Nathan Griffith, Weighs-In

According to Us Magazine, Nathan believes the road rage incident proves Jenelle Evans is risky with the kids’ safety. He said, “It shows that the child might be in danger of being in a hostile situation like that and [Jenelle] not making a sound judgment to keep the children safe.”

Another concern to come out of that clip for Nathan was the gun being accessible to the kids. He said, “I am afraid that if she carries a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it, it’s very dangerous to be around children.”

The clip showed Jenelle take the gun out and lay it next to the seatbelt. Nathan said, “that guy could have had a gun too.” We now know that was the case, he did have a gun.

Could Have Been a ‘Bloodbath’

Nathan continued on with his concerns. He said, “Children could have been hurt. She could have been hurt…  It could have been a nasty situation and bloodbath.”

This was not an exaggeration on his part. Viewers commented online by the droves that Jenelle put Jace at risk. It looks as if Jenelle is her own worst enemy in this custody case.

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