‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle ‘Lucky To Be Alive’ After Gun-Toting Neighbors Alerted?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is not known for always making the best decisions, but this one was a whopper. Her road rage incident happened to air on this week’s show and it was a jaw-dropper. Now the chilling details from the other driver have emerged. With that said, it looks as if this Teen Mom 2 cast member dodged a bullet.

Teen Mom 2 Scares Her Son

The mother of three had her son Jace in her vehicle at the time. Recent pictures that surfaced of him that day show he appeared to be terrified. The other driver in this incident explains how Jenelle Evans could have lost her life due to her behavior.

Jenelle had no idea who she was dealing with when she pulled out a gun. So who was she dealing with in this road rage incident?  His name is Robert Robinson Jr. and he explained how she is lucky to be alive after her antics.

Jenelle Evans Had No Idea Who She Was Dealing With

During this incident, Jenelle pulled out a gun. But she didn’t know what this other person may have been capable of. She followed Robinson down a dirt road to his home. Another thing Jenelle was not aware of was that Robinson also had a gun with him.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. While Robinson made his way home he alerted his neighbors to this vehicle following him. His neighbors also all have guns. It sounds as if they may have been waiting locked and loaded for Robinson to get home in case he needed help.

Jenelle Looked Like Crazy Woman?

Robinson said the only time he pulls out a gun is if he needs it for protection. With what looked like a crazy lady brandishing her own gun, it looked like a day he may need protection. Luckily for Jenelle Evans, Robinson saw Jace was in the car, that is what stopped him from pulling out his gun.

Most people who have a gun would use it if someone approached them in a rage pointing a weapon at them. What Robinson saw made him restrain himself from using the gun. There was a kid in her vehicle.

Robinson told TMZ that Jenelle Evans started acting crazy while driving down the highway. He admits to “brake checking” her in an attempt to get her to chill out.

Jenelle is ‘Lucky She Didn’t Get Her Head Blown Off’

“She’s lucky she didn’t get her head blown off, ” Robinson tells TMZ. With his gun-toting neighbors, who are like family to him, and Robinson packing a gun himself – Jenelle really did dodge a bullet.

Evans didn’t exercise any restraint pulling a gun out with her 8-year-old son sitting right beside her in the vehicle. Jenelle Evans did yell to Robinson how she had three cameras in the car catching the entire ordeal.

MTV Car Cameras Captured Ordeal

The footage shows this guy tailgating Jenelle. She slows done seemingly to antagonize the situation. Robinson speeds ahead of her and then hits his brakes. This is when Jenelle Evans called 911 and started out in hot pursuit of the guy. This is a foolish move, which most any police officer will tell you.

What those cameras showed was a mother scaring her minor child when she pulled out a gun. The incident occurred in May, but the actual footage of the road rage wasn’t shown on Teen Mom 2 until last night.

On camera, Jenelle is seen taking out her gun and putting it near her seatbelt. She follows this guy home and exchanges heated words with him in the driveway. While attempting to leave she smashes into the home’s mailbox. It was at this time Robinson is seen blocking her from leaving with his vehicle.

MTV had the screen go black a few times and wrote across the darkened screen what was happening. One of those times they indicated, “At this point, Jenelle pulled out her firearm.”

Teen Mom 2 MTV

She did get away from the house and when she made it back onto the highway. This is when she was stopped by police. She told her story to the cop.

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