‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Rick Devens Runs Wild as Final 3 Nears

Survivor spoilers tease Rick Devens is stirring up trouble and causing chaos for the rest of the castaways. While he remains the number one target on everyone’s lists, he soon decides to run wild and mess with them. His time on the island seems to be running out, but the chance to be in the Final 3 looms near. Can Rick manage to stay in the game long enough to make it there on the CBS competition?

Survivor Spoilers: Rick Devens Gets Lucky Break

Because Rick Devens was most definitely targeted to go home on last week’s Survivor, he made one last-ditch effort to save himself. While he searched for a hidden immunity idol, Aurora McCreary went through his belongings. And he caught her in the act.

Later, Rick continued his search and found a clue that told him there was an idol in a tree above the camp’s shelter. So, while the rest of the tribe was sleeping, he climbed the tree and found the idol right over their heads while the tribe slept on. Then, he used it at the next Tribal Council, saving himself while Ron Clark was booted.

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🥠 I was 97% sure one of the fortunes during our Chinese food reward would have a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. No luck.

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Rick Devens Throws Caution to the Wind

Most people would think that lying low on Survivor would be the smart move, but not Rick Devens. In the next episode, “Idol or Bust,” he runs around like a maniac. Not only does he try and scare the other castaways by hiding in the trees, but he also wants to mess with their heads.

“I think Rick has gone crazy,” one of the remaining castaways, Lauren O’Connell, remarks in a sneak preview. Her statement might not be wrong, because they have been on the island for over 31 days now. And every Tribal seems to be crazier than the last.

Survivor Spoilers: Can Rick Devens Flip the Script Once More?

With only two episodes of Survivor left before someone is awarded a million dollars, there is plenty of time for something to happen. One of the other castaways could easily put a bigger target on their back that rivals Rick’s. After all, people will do anything to take out a threat that might lessen their chances of making the Final 3. But, only one castaway can be the sole survivor. See how it all plays out when the next episode airs this Wednesday on CBS.

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