‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Jeff Probst Says the ‘Craziest Tribal’ Ever – Things Falling Apart Fast

Survivor spoilers tease one of the wildest Tribal Councils ever according to host Jeff Probst. The castaways have been on the island for a while now, so it was only a matter of time for things to get crazy. With the numbers thinning out, Julie Rosenberg might be the next to crack. But more drama will come when the next Tribal Council occurs and things heat up. Plus, Eric Hafemann struggles on The Edge of Extinction.

Survivor Spoilers: Julie Rosenberg on the Edge of a Breakdown?

Julie Rosenburg has flown under the radar for the most part so far on Survivor. But has she finally reached her breaking point? In the preview for the next episode, ‘Y’all Making Me Crazy’ it appears that something happened to cause her to fall apart. And it could just be the loneliness is setting in.

“There’s no one watching out for me,” she cries in sneak peek. Trying to play the game is hard enough when you have people to rely on. But Julie seems to be all on her own. Without any kind of alliance or friendship, she has to do it all on her own and this week she might just snap.

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Survivor: Jeff Probst Hints Craziest Tribal Ever

Fasten your seatbelts folks, because the next Tribal is about to be one for the books. Jeff Probst says its, “one of the craziest Tribals I have ever been witness to.” Which means it has to be good. There is no telling what is about to go down on Wednesday night.

Get ready for a lot of arguing, fights, and maybe some tears. This is looking to be the most exciting episode so far of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Eric Hafemann Has Reached ‘The Edge’

After getting voted off of the island last week, Eric Hafemann chose to travel the Edge of Extinction to continue his game. Yet, the reality that he is all alone is going to hit him hard in the next episode, where he is seen sitting among the rocks. While he wears a contemplative look, he probably knows that this next part of the game is not going to be easy.

The episode’s theme seems to be centered around loneliness and distrust. With Eric being the latest ‘Edge’ castaway, he has to come face-to-face with people who he has had a hand in sending there. Who are struggling but have come together enough to make things just a little easier.

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