‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Loved Ones Visit on ‘Winners at War’

Survivor: Winners at War spoilers tease the much anticipated loved ones visit in the upcoming episode. The players left in the game will reunite with their families a little earlier than usual. But it won’t be any less emotional for everyone involved. You might want to grab a tissue for this one, folks.

Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Reveals Special Surprise

In the Survivor spoilers for this week’s episode, “The Full Circle,” it looks like the castaways are gearing up for another challenge. The Survivor: Winners at War competitors march onto the beach and line up in front of what looks to be an immunity/reward challenge. But before they can start, showrunner Jeff Probst has something else to say to them.

“In a war like this, it’s important to take a moment, lay down your weapons, and remind yourself what or who you’re playing for,” says Jeff. As soon as the Survivor host says the word “who” everyone seems to realize exactly what he’s hinting at. It’s time for the loved ones to visit.

Earliest Family Visit in Show History?

Typically, the loved ones don’t come until the game is almost at the end, with a few castaways remaining. But not this season of Survivor, because it’s only Day 24 and Jeff Probst is already telling them that their family members are there. Survivor spoilers reveal that some of the group don’t want to believe him because it seems to good to be true. Several of them tell Jeff to “shut up” in excitement.

Since the visit is happening so soon, could they possibly bring family members to Edge of Extinction as well? It would make sense because they did the same thing on Survivor: Redemption Island with the four castaways that were on the other island.

Survivor: Winners at War – CBS Teases Crazy Tribal Council

Besides the loves ones visit, the preview for this week teases another insane tribal council. The 12th person will be voted out and the description reads, ” after a wild tribal council, the 12th person is sent to the Edge of Extinction”. Who do you think it will be?

Rumors floating around hint toward Tyson Apostol being the next boot, but it could be anyone. Hopefully, the next eliminated castaway doesn’t try to use Jeff Probst’s podium as an immunity idol.

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