‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Paranoia Hits All-Time High on ‘Winners at War’ – The Old Tony Vlachos Returns

Survivor teases chaos at the tribal council for the Winners at War castaways when paranoia strikes. Not only that, but the Tony Vlachos we all know and love from years past makes his return. He’s going one-hundred-percent full-on Cagayan Tony — delusions, paranoia and more.

Plus, it appears Adam Klein might be the next resident moving to the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor: Winners at War – Paranoia Strikes

It’s about to be Day 23 on the island and the Survivor: Winners at War players are facing a new challenge. We’ve just about hit the point when hunger and exhaustion begin to take over. And it’s resulting in almost every single one of them losing their minds.

Paranoia is at an all-time high and it’s going to cause a wild tribal council at the end of this week’s episode, “War is Not Pretty”. Adam Klein says, “all hell breaks loose” and Tony Vlachos’ behavior makes him appear to be a major part of it.

CBS’s description for the Survivor episode says, Things will get tense and chaotic at tribal council. Plus, a very kind gesture paints a target on a player’s back. Almost everyone but Michele Fitzgerald, who refers to the group as “dingbats” seems to be scrambling.

Tony Vlachos Shows His Crazy Side

One of the things fans love about Tony Vlachos is the crazy antics that helped him win Survivor: Cagayan. But the New Jersey police officer has kept a lower profile on Winners at War than he did playing the game in the past. Sure, he built a death trap and called it a ladder and made one little spy shack. Yet, he hasn’t gone “full Tony Vlachos,” but that’s about to change.

In the preview for the upcoming episode of Survivor: Winners at War, Tony’s paranoia starts taking hold of him. “Everybody’s coming after me,” he appears to say to Nick Wilson. Then, he’s in Jeremy Collins’ face asking him, “who told you that?” Has Tony finally lost control or is he just playing the game the way he knows how?

Survivor: Is Adam Klein Next on the Chopping Block?

According to the episode description, a “kind gesture” ends up getting someone in trouble. And that sounds like something Adam Klein would do. Also, he’s seen getting into a little argument with Ben Driebergen which doesn’t sound good.

Now it’s confirmed that Adam did get evicted. Plus, a CBS insider tell us that Tyson Apostol will be following him soon in an upcoming episode.

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