‘Survivor’ LEAK: Tyson Apostol Targeted in Next ‘Winners at War’ Episode – Gets Boot Again?

Survivor‘s Tyson Apostol appears to be going to back to Edge of Extinction in the next episode, according to a leak from an inside source. This will be an unfortunate turn of events for Tyson’s Winners at War run. It seems that Tyson poses too big of a threat for the others to ignore. He’s the only old school player in a tribe of new schoolers.

So, although he just won his way back into the game and off the Edge of Extinction, he might be heading back sooner rather than later. According to a CBS inside source, the tribe targets him in the next episode.

Survivor: Winners at War – Tyson Returns From Edge of Extinction

In the last episode of Survivor: Winners at War “This Is Where the Battle Begins,” the tribes merged. But another player would be joining them from the Edge of Extinction. Some of them even had an advantage in their pocket. Natalie Anderson, Boston Rob Mariano, Ethan Zohn, Danni Boatwright,  and Tyson Apostol traded one fire token for it.

Boston Rob and Natalie also purchased an idol that would only help if they made it back into the game. Amber Brkich Mariano gave her only token to her Survivor husband.

The entire challenge Tyson and Boston Rob were neck and neck. But the peanut butter Tyson has been using on EoE to keep his strength up may have given him a little bit of an edge, because he won by a hair. Now he’s back in the game and ready for round two.

Source Says Tyson Apostol Gets Sent Back Out

Tyson Apostol has returned to the game but is the target on his back too big to shake? The Survivor: Blood vs Water winner is the only “Old Schooler” after the newer generation of castaways successfully got rid of them all. It would make sense that Tyson would be an easy person to pick off in the early days of the merge.

Which is what a source is claiming happens to the father in the very near future. If this is true, it isn’t really the smartest move, but the safest one. Tyson Apostol is currently a free agent and can provide an extra vote for any of the Survivor: Winners at War players. They could always get rid of him later.

Survivor: Natalie Anderson Second Returnee?

Since our source was correct about Tyson Apostol returning to the game, their other returnee choice could be true as well. They believe that Natalie Anderson, the first person voted out this season, will be the other castaway to come back from Edge of Extinction. They also claim that Natalie will make it to the Final Tribal Council.

Natalie does currently hold the idol she bought with her fire tokens. So, if she were to return to the game, it wouldn’t be impossible for her to make it to the final three. Especially with her immunity idol.

You’ll have to watch Winners at War Wednesdays at 8/7c to find out.

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