‘Survivor’ LEAK: Angry Sandra Diaz-Twine Quits Edge of Extinction on ‘Winners at War’

SurvivorWinners at War leaks reveal that the Queen herself, Sandra Diaz-Twine, will quit the Edge of Extinction. Denise Stapley may have pulled off the best move of the season so far by blindsiding the legend. But was it too much of a blow to Sandra’s ego? If she does indeed quit Edge of Extinction, the timing coincides with an earlier leak reported by Soap Dirt.

Queen of ‘Survivor’ Sandra Diaz-Twine Gets Double-Crossed

In the latest episode, “Quick on the Draw,” Sandra Diaz-Twine made a bold move to acquire a fire tokens. She offered her tribemate, Survivor: Philippines winner Denise Stapley, the immunity idol she had traded her own fire token for. It came under the condition that Denise would vote Jeremy Collins off the island.

As Survivor fans saw, it was a gamble on Sandra Diaz-Twine’s part, but she didn’t think Denise would betray her.

But, Denise made a move that could solidify her chances to win it all should she make it to the Final Tribal Council. That was blindsiding the “Survivor Queen” Sandra later that night, sending her to the Edge of Extinction. The 45-year-old two-time winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, didn’t see it coming and the move could very well be the most exciting to happen so far on Winners at War.

Pre-Season ‘Winners at War’ Leak Coming True

Before the legendary SurvivorWinners at War season began, we reported on a production leak that someone quits the Edge of Extinction. While we weren’t given the exact name, we were able to use other details and leaks to narrow it down to Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Also, in a pre-season interview for Winners at War, Sandra said she hated the concept of EoE. This was after the game had finished, but before the first episode aired.

“I don’t wanna go there,” Sandra Diaz-Twine said. Everything happening there right now is extremely physical, which doesn’t fit her playing style. The comeback Survivor competitions are almost always physical or endurance. Sandra doesn’t stand a chance of coming back into the game.

So, it would make sense that she would choose to hang out in Ponderosa for the Survivor jury members instead.

Survivor Leak: Upset Sandra Quits Edge of Extinction

According to an insider Sandra Diaz-Twine will indeed quit Edge of Extinction. The leak claims that Sandra was “very angry” with Denise after it all played out which is understandable.

It was a major blow to her ego and maybe that’s the tipping point that makes her decide to forgo another shot at winning Survivor. Whatever the case, don’t expect to see Sandra roughing it for too much longer.

Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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