‘Survivor’: CBS Gets OK to Start Filming – When Will New Season 41 Air?

Survivor news teases the premiere date for its 41st season coming sometime this fall on CBS. With the upcoming group of castaways preparing to outwit, outplay, and outlast, it’ll be difficult to top last season Winners at War. But the fans are anxious for more of the favorite long-running franchise. It’s fate remained unknown for quite some time due to COVID-19. Yet, host Jeff Probst recently touched on the much-anticipated season 41.

Survivor: Season 41 Has A lot to Live Up To

Arriving on the heels of Survivor‘s monumental 40th season the franchise’s season 41 has huge shoes to fill. Everyone’s favorite winners returned for the season of a lifetime in order to battle it out for the biggest prize in reality show history: $2,000,000.

In the end, it came down to Natalie Anderson, who returned from the Edge of Extinction, Michele Fitzgerald, and the fan-favorite, Tony Vlachos. Jeff Probst read the votes over a video chat from his very own garage to reveal the Sole Survivor of Winners at War. It was Tony who outwitted, played, and outlasted in a vote of 12-4-0.

COVID-19 Had Fans Worried About Show’s Fate

The coronavirus pandemic already had an effect on the previous season. Instead of the typical live reunion on stage, the castaways got together virtually. So, it’s not surprising that fans were worried about the fate of Survivor‘s season 41. Television companies like CBS had to shut down production on all of their programs until given the green light. California Governor Gavin Newsom says TV can pick back up as early as June 12.

But Survivor is a little different because it films in the Mamanuca Islands chain in Fiji. According to recent news, Fiji has declared itself COVID-19 free. All of the signs are looking good for Survivor fans. So, what does showrunner Jeff Probst have to say about it all?

Survivor 41: Jeff Probst Says New Season 41 Will Air This Fall As Planned

According to Jeff Probst, CBS and the production team are doing everything they can to have the show air as previously scheduled. The premiere date for season 40 is set for September 23, 2020. And as of right now that’s still when the show is going to come back.

In the announcement for their 2020-2021 lineup, CBS had Survivor in it’s typical 8 pm timeslot of Wednesday night. Yet, as always, we’ll have to wait for CBS to make the actual announcement for the premiere date. But our fingers are crossed to see Jeff in September!

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