‘Survivor’: What’s Tony Vlachos Doing With His 2 Million Dollars?

Survivor: Winners at War‘s Tony Vlachos was crowned the champion of champions in last night’s finale. Along with the title, he also got the two million dollar prize money, which is the largest amount in reality show history. It’s a pretty large amount of cash and there’s so much he can do with it. So, the big question is, how does Tony plan on using his new fortune?

Survivor: Tony Vlachos Wins Winners at War

Although the battle was hard-fought, Tony Vlachos secured himself a spot in the final three. Sadly, it came at the cost of beating his partner-in-crime, Sarah Lacina, in the fire-making challenge. But Sarah said if anyone was going to take her out of Survivor: Winners at War, “I wanted it to be him”. Then, Tony faced Edge of Extinction returnee Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald at the Final Tribal Council.

Instead of the live reunion, Jeff Probst tallied the votes from his garage for the first time in Survivor history as the final three watched from their homes. For a moment, it looked like Natalie might give Tony a run for his money, but the majority vote went to the New Jersey police officer. He won by a vote of 12-4-0.

Tony Says Financial Security Is Super Important

When Jeff Probst asked Tony Vlachos how much the two million dollars meant to him, Tony said it’s  “lifechanging”. Especially right now with everything going on in the world due to COVID-19. Survivor‘s latest winner, Tony, said that it’s made him realize how “financial security is so important”.

So, he’s going to use some of his prize to pay off several mortgages. Tony said that he invested his previous Survivor winnings in several properties, so he doesn’t want to worry about paying them anymore. But he also said that he is going to “make sure I secure my family and be financially secure for the rest of my life”.

Survivor: Tony’s Getting His Kids Special Gifts

While Tony Vlachos is going to be smart with his money, he’s also going to get his two kids a little something special. He said he’s going to buy them gas-powered go-carts because the electric one’s batteries don’t last very long. He wants to watch his children zip around the yard in matching rides and for them to just enjoy life.

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