‘Sister Wives’: Truely Brown Turns 10 – See How She’s Grown Over The Years

Sister Wives sweetheart Truely Brown is growing up fast. Christine Brown and Kody Brown share six children. However, Truely is their youngest. So, Truely Brown has a unique experience with SW fans from her older siblings. Truely was the first of only two other of her siblings to have her birth filmed for her family’s hit TLC reality show. So now the baby we all watched grow up before her eyes is a full-fledged tween.

It’s not easy celebrating a special occasion in these challenging times the Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine have caused. However, young Truely Brown and her creative parents found the perfect way for her to have a memorable birthday. Here’s how Truely Brown spent her 10th birthday as well as pictures of her through the years.

Sister Wives Update: Truely Brown Turns 10

Sister Wives’ Truely Brown celebrated a milestone birthday. Certainly, it wasn’t exactly how her parents envisioned spending her birthday, However, the times we are living through currently caused plans to be changed. There’s no doubt that once quarantine and social distancing are lifted, the Browns will have a huge family party to celebrate all the birthdays and such that were celebrated in smaller measures under quarantine.

Sister Wives fans recall we watched Truely Brown’s birth in the very first season. We also saw her momma very pregnant with Truely as well. On Season 1, Episode 4, Truely Grace Brown was born. Her birthday is April 13, 2010, however that episode aired later that fall. Fun fact:  Truely  Brown was born on the 13th and was Kody’s 13th child. Christine Brown says she, Kody and Truely watched that episode last night as part of their special birthday celebration.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown

Kody & Christine Brown Take Truely On A Roadtrip

Sister Wives’ parents Christine and Kody Brown treated their now 10-year-old to a special day for her birthday. So the three of them spent the day together doing something fun for Truely. Her favorite restaurant is IN-N-OUT. However, the closest one is 90 minutes away. In Las Vegas, there were several close by. So since the move to Flagstaff, Truely hasn’t had the chance to have her favorite foods in a long time. But her mom and dad solved that problem. The three of them piled into the car and traveled the 90 minutes to get Truely the birthday lunch she requested.

The Sister Wives celebs practiced social distancing while on this fun family outing. They drove straight to the closest IN-N-OUT and ordered their meal at the drive-through. Then they chowed down in the parking lot and drove back home. With a family as large as Truely Brown’s, it certainly was special to have so much of both her parents’ time without having to share them with her other siblings.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Travelings Between Houses?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown appears to not be following the strict orders to stay home. It seems he’s breaking quarantine to see his other wives and kids. Although it’s not confirmed, it was widely believed  Kody was hunkered down with his fourth wife Robyn Brown.

However, twice in less than a week, we’ve seen Kody spending time with his third wife Christine Brown. They celebrated their wedding anniversary together and now Truely’s birthday. Perhaps it’s Christine’s house, not Robyn’s, that Kody Brown chooses to ride out the COVID-19 quarantine.

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