‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Misses Truely’s Voice – What Happened?

Sister Wives celeb Ysabel Brown said she misses her sister Truely Brown’s voice and fans took notice. The open-ended sentence that states she misses her sister’s voice spawned plenty of questions.

Why Does Ysabel Brown Miss Her Sister Truely’s Voice?

So why does one Sister Wives sibling miss the sound of the other sister’s vocals? Did Ysabel move away from the family? If she did, she could still hear Truely Brown talk with the help of modern technology.

Maybe Truely took a vow of silence recently? After all, Truely appears more mature to the fans than many other members of her peer group. Ysabel makes it a bit mysterious until she sends her Sister Wives fans in a different direction for the answer as to why she made that statement.

There’s actually a very simple explanation as to why Ysabel Brown misses the voice of her baby sister. It’s because… Truely Brown grew up.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown - Ysabel Brown

From the Mouths Of Babes

Apparently Truely Brown had a habit of spinning an elaborate tale out of the least generic items you find around the house. Christine Brown happened to capture one of Truely’s tall but entertaining tales and posted it online. Her voice is still young and child-like, which is probably what Ysabel missed the most.

The video clip below is where Ysabel directed her followers from the Sister Wives show.  It looks like the baby of Christine Brown’s Sister Wives siblings has quite the imagination.

The story Truely tells seems to come from a few childhood favorite stories. You may see hints of The Neverending Story, in Truely’s tale. That movie was released in 1984, long before this Sister Wives daughter came into this world.

But the way she describes riding on her stuffed animal’s back as he brings her to her home conjures up scenes from that story. If you listen closely you may here another couple of scenes borrowed from some of your childhood favorites.

Sister Wives: Missing A Younger Truely’s Voice

Fans really did get to watch Truely Brown grow up on the Sister Wives series. She’s Christine Brown’s last baby and the veteran viewers got to watch as Christine went into labor. Then Truely was born.

One of the more recent episodes featuring Truely had to do with the  Sister Wives patriarch attempting to teach her how to ride a bicycle. This is not something that Truely wanted to do but Kody wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

The Sister Wives’ father-daughter bike riding scene caught a lot of criticism from fans. People thought Kody took the fun out of this event by looking at it as a challenge instead of just what it really was… a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike.

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