‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Tugs at Her Pants – Not Aware Camera Captures Rare Pic

Sister Wives Robyn Brown seems to be the latest victim of a surprise camera shot among the Brown Family members as the new season nears. It appears over the last few days a paparazzi-style camera approach captured both Kody Brown and now Robyn Brown unexpectedly.

It seems as if Kody had no idea the camera lens lurked around him. But Robyn appears to look straight at the camera at one point with a facial grimace suggesting she’s not impressed.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Arrives With Paparazzi On Her Heels

Well, the Sister Wives couple could feel flattered now that they get the A-list celeb treatment. It looks like this week they have cameras lurking. The photos seem to capture them during their mundane daily tasks. This approach mirrors how the paparazzi score photos of the big names in the entertainment business.

Kody appeared oblivious to the shots taken by the camera. But the following day it appears Robyn caught a glimpse of the camera as she walked down the sidewalk. From the angle of the photo, it appears the person taking the photos jumped out in front of the youngest Sister Wives spouse.

Robyn doesn’t appear happy in the photos but no one knows what she’s thinking. Still, that scowl-like expression she’s sporting spins a few fan theories.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

A Tug Here And A Pull There

Robyn also walks alongside her teenage daughter in a few shots. She also appears to adjust the waistband on her pants and make an adjustment to her jacket. It was right after that shot where she appears to finally see a camera fixated on her.

It’s not so much what the youngest Sister Wives co-wife was doing that churned up excitement about new photos. No, this is the first time she’s been seen outside the Sister Wives series for probably about a year. The photos show a healthy-looking Robyn Brown.

So that puts to bed any rumors of her being sick. She doesn’t appear pregnant, so again, that puts the kibosh on that reoccurring chatter. But no reports of Robyn seen in real-life popped up for almost a year.

That’s a long enough span to have a baby and bounce back into jeans, which is what she wears in the new photos. That’s sure to be an argument that crops up somewhere. With the fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan never verbally closing the door on having more kids, that pregnancy chatter crops up periodically. She said another baby is up to the big guy, meaning God, not Kody.

With a new season possibly just weeks away, the infatuation for all things Sister Wives seems to grow. Everyone wants to know when the new season starts. So, it seems the interest in the Brown family grows.

Brown Family Adults

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Unaware

Earlier this week Kody Brown stopped at Janelle Brown’s house. Kody, Janelle, and their 16-year-old daughter, Savannah, stood outside with their face masks on while talking.  Some fans thought Kody may have stopped by because it was Savannah’s 16th birthday on December 7.

If he did stop by he appeared to be empty-handed. So, it didn’t appear as if he had a gift for his daughter’s milestone birthday. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t deliver a gift later or before they caught him on film.

Well, it looks like the Sister Wives family might need to start looking over their shoulder. This makes two incidents this week where a photographer seems to catch them off guard. So, it looks as if someone with picture-taking on their mind keeps an eye on them.

The report that went along with Kody’s photos indicated the photographer was at both Janelle and Robyn’s homes. So maybe with a new season around the corner, more and more cameras will be lurking to capture these real-life photos of the Sister Wives family.

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