‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Unconditional Love Woes Disappear for Her Birthday?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems miserable so far this season, especially when describing her place in the Brown family on-screen. She doesn’t feel as if the family has unconditional love for her. But when you jump ahead to real-time that doesn’t seem to be the case for Meri Brown. It’s her birthday today and it seems her cup runneth over with unconditional love. But maybe not from everyone she hoped to hear from.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Complaint Heard Loud and Clear

Meri Brown asked the family to help her move back into a new rental home in Flagstaff on the last episode. But while they seemed willing to help, the carrying of heavy items up the many stairs on her new cliffside home wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, the Sister Wives co-wives suggested movers. But they would still be there to help Meri Brown unpack boxes and arrange her home. The three other wives were on board with the use of movers. But not Meri.

Even some of the die-hard Meri Brown fans didn’t see anything wrong with this compromise. But the original Sister Wives matriarch did. She thought the family should do the moving as a family together. Meri didn’t want outside help.

As a result of this, the first wife of Kody Brown appeared quite upset. She said the family doesn’t have unconditional love for her. Meri felt the family members only offer to come around when there’s fun stuff to do with her. She shared these feelings with the Sister Wives camera.

Sister Wives: Not At All Alone

While Meri Brown felt all alone, the other women in this Sister Wives plural marriage disagreed. Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, as well as Christine Brown offered to help their co-wife with this move. It’s just the steep stairs that seem to offer an obstacle when moving heavy items.

But never-the-less, Meri didn’t see it their way. Of, course there’s a lot going on besides this one event of moving for Meri Brown. The other problems she experiences with the Sister Wives clan mostly revolve around her relationship with Kody.

Kody Brown and Dayton Brown were too busy to lend a hand for this second Flagstaff move. This seemed to bother Meri as well. She said on the last Sister Wives episode that she wants from Kody what the other wives have. Kody made it clear he’s not ready to move as fast as Meri is with rebooting their relationship.

So, her feelings for Kody Brown and his lack of attention her way might have played into Meri’s sadness when it came to this move. While this all happened several months ago, it’s easy to see Meri is not without unconditional love in real-time.

Sister Wives: Birthday Wishes Come True

While Meri Brown might not get all she hopes for from her Sister Wives family, she does get unconditional love from some members. She posted a few photos online demonstrating the love of her life visiting for her birthday. It appears she had two family visitors last weekend.

That would be Mariah Brown and the woman she’s engaged to, Audrey Kriss. Mariah is the only child of Meri Brown and Kody Brown. It sounded as if this Sister Wives’ mom was over-the-top with happiness. She posted the photo above with the three of them. This is a birthday wish come true for Meri.

Meri often refers to Mariah and Audrey together as “my two girls”. At one point it looked as if Mariah sat down with old family photos, reliving her history in pictures.

The proud Sister Wives mom posted Mariah doing this and said she didn’t care what she was doing. Meri was happy just as long that she came home for the weekend.

Maybe Not All Meri Hoped For

The Sister Wives matriarch also posted a photo of her with Dayton Brown. That’s one young man who seems to have a special place in Meri’s heart. So it appears that unconditional love never left Meri Brown. It’s coming through loud and clear today, January 17, which happens to be Meri Brown’s 49th birthday.

It’s getting late in the day and it doesn’t appear any of the other four spouses in this plural marriage reached out to Meri online so far. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get phone calls from the rest of the members of her plural marriage and the 18 kids she raised together with them.

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