‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Gets Something ‘Dumb’ off Her Chest in New Post

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown is doing her own thing in Chicago while her mother, Meri Brown, and the rest of the family settle in Flagstaff. The only child of Meri and Kody Brown tends to march to the beat of her own drummer. So when she took to social media with her thoughts, it looks like this Sister Wives 24-year-old daughter meant it.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown Finds Her Voice

In the last few seasons, Sister Wives viewers watched as Mariah Brown made some life changes. It seems Mariah has grown into a young woman who is very comfortable with herself. It looks like she’s on a mission to help others feel that way as well.

Mariah Brown has quite the social media following. She seems to update her coming and goings almost daily. She’s engaged to Audrey Kriss and the two live together in Chicago. The couple makes their home in the Windy City while Mariah attends courses at a Loyola University.

Mariah promotes a healthy mind-body lifestyle. The Sister Wives offspring does this through healthy eating, exercise, and yoga. But now her recent post seems to take on a new mission. It’s one that many women can equate with.

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Let Those Girls Go Free

Mariah Brown has said she thinks bras are “dumb”. This is what fans learn from her latest post above. But the popular Sister Wives daughter also thinks shaming women for their choice of losing the bra is also dumb. So Mariah took a selfie of her chest and put those girls front and center to make that point, which is seen above in the post.

It looks like Mariah Brown would have been in her glory decades ago. She has the same mindset as the women who stepped forward to burn their bras. The 24-year-old often uses her online platforms to share causes near and dear to her heart.

As far as wearing a bra or not, many women feel the same way as the Sister Wives celeb. Some hate the ritual of strapping themselves into a bra and going about their day bound up for the sake of proper attire.

Mariah Brown: Leave It Natural

This daughter from Sister Wives’ shared how she was a bit off-kilter around the holidays. She’s been open about her struggle with mental health issues like seasonal depression in the past. But today she seems to pull herself out of that dark place with the help of Audrey.

Mariah Brown seems very comfortable in her own skin these days. She often shares photos of herself in various Yoga poses. In some of those photos, she wears sleeveless shirts. Depending on how she holds her arms, you can see just how natural the Brown sibling really is.

Mariah is not a fan of bras but she also appears if she’s not a fan of shaving her underarms as well. From a quick glance online, it seems there’s a trend today for women going natural in lieu of shaving.

I seems Mariah is quite happy and content these days. She misses her family, something she shared online as well around the holidays. But her Sister Wives mom, Meri Brown, isn’t a stranger to Mariah’s home in Chicago. Meri’s been to Chicago a few times since Mariah and Audrey moved there.

TLC skips Super Bowl Sunday for rolling out another new Sister Wives episode. So tune in Sunday, February 9, for the next new episode of the show.

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