‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Snaps Back at Weight Compliments – Ruffles Feathers Online

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown saturates her social media with pictures of herself but as her followers offer compliments, she complains. Some fans suggest the only child of Meri Brown might be getting too big for her britches these days. Or maybe too small might offer a more accurate description for what’s going on with this Sister Wives daughter.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown Slaps Down Compliments

Mariah Brown, who seems to be on a health kick these days, posts pictures of herself online in workout poses. Followers of Kody Brown’s daughter hopped on these posts to offer comments. It seems the comments about her weight left her a bit frazzled. If these posts were negative then you might understand why this Sister Wives‘ star is complaining. But they’re not, folks posted compliments about Mariah online.

Apparently, people think Mariah Brown looks great but it sounds as if that’s not what she wants to hear. The Sister Wives sibling took to Instagram this week to share her frustrations. Mariah says, “trying not to be frustrated when people say ‘wow have you lost weight?’ as if that is the most important/valuable thing about me”. But that’s not what the comments seem to reflect. No one mentioned this was the only thing she has to offer. They just mentioned she’s looking good.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Posting Body Images Gets Comments About Body Images

It appears Sister Wives fans were just trying to be nice and give her kudos for all her hard work. Losing weight isn’t always about beauty, it’s about health as well. And comments from her followers also reflect that. Mariah Brown also posted that her weight, “or lack of thereof” is one of the “least interesting things” about her. She asks fans to talk about her activism, her passions or even her family. But her weight is just that – weight.

If Mariah Brown posted pictures about her family, activism, or any of her passions, fans would probably offer comments on these topics as well. But her page seems to be dedicated to “loving herself,” suggests a new report. Looking at Mariah’s many photos of herself, it might appear as if she’s getting healthy by losing weight.

Sister Wives: Stunned By Mariah’s Gall?

People didn’t let Mariah Brown get away with her complaints about the online compliments. Many sent inspirational words. But after slamming the compliments she received even more comments from Sister Wives followers. Instead, this time they didn’t offer kudos. “You childish little girl,” said one person and another said “shame on you for hating a compliment”. Others pointed out the error of her ways. Some seemed stunned she would reprimand folks trying to be nice to her. It appears she’s looking for a battle where none exists.

Meri Brown’s daughter got beef from fans of Sister Wives for the way she’s treated her mom in the past. Mariah Brown got a lot of mileage out of her mother’s catfish fiasco. People saw her as tough on Meri. It looks like this latest incident sheds more light on Mariah’s ability to find an argument where there isn’t one. As an adult, Mariah Brown’s behavior towards her mom often raised eyebrows. But in her teen years, she seemed close with Meri. She also didn’t appear to have a need for the spotlight back then. It looks like that shyness of yesteryear disappeared as she’s got a lot to say online today.

Looking for an Argument Where There is None?

If you are posting pictures of a garden, you’d expect people to comment on the flowers. If you post pictures of workouts and body poses, people are going to comment on the fruits of your labor. In this case, Mariah Brown looks like she’s lost weight and she looks healthy. With that said, it’s possible this Sister Wives adult child doesn’t want attention to focus on body image. This is commendable if that’s the message she attempting to get across.

Maybe the Sister Wives co-star just went about it the wrong way. It sounds as if she wants to draw attention away from the importance of having that perfect body in today’s world. But snubbing those who offer you compliments might not be the way to do this. She claims there are many interesting things about her but those things she didn’t post. Sister Wives viewers and Mariah’s followers offer comments on what she does have posted online – a lot of Mariah poses.

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