‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Ladies Rattled By Friend’s Nasty Polygamy Thoughts

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his four wives no longer needed to carry on a secret plural marriage after they let the cameras in. But that wasn’t always the case. Back when Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Kody first came out, some people they knew were shocked.

Despite the harmony, they seem to have with the public today, when Sister Wives first aired that wasn’t always the case. A lot of hurtful things were said about the four wives sharing one husband. In one retro-episode, fans got to see this first hand.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Picked Their Friends

Through the years the new people that the four wives got to meet all seemed to come from Kody’s circle of friends. You rarely saw one of the wives bring a friend into one of the Sister Wives homes for a visit. No, in the early seasons it seems the majority of these get-togethers were all initiated by Kody.

It looked as if he picked the friends that the wives would associate with. Some of Kody Brown’s friends don’t practice polygamy. So when one of his monogamous buddies, Brett, came to visit with his wife Ava, she was ready for a culture shock.

This woman Ava had just learned of the Sister Wives polygamous lifestyle. Her immediate thoughts went to the nasty side of polygamy. This included child brides and the abuse making the headlines years ago about another polygamous group. She thought horrible things about Kody even before meeting him.

So Ava gets to meet Kody and his four wives but she’s surprised when she realizes they don’t behave in the way she thought they would. This woman shared with the wives her preconceived notions of plural marriage. It seems when she first heard about Kody and his lifestyle, she thought it was gross.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Confession of a New Friend

Back in 2014, the Sister Wives premiere episode featured this couple, Brett and Ava. While Kody knew Brett, he and his wives met Ava for the first time.

Once Ava started talking to Kody Brown’s wives, she got a bit more graphic about her initial thoughts. She told the wives what she thought about Kody before meeting him. She said, “he must be some kind of pervert, a horrible person.” This upset Christine at the time, as this is pretty much the train of thought across the nation about polygamy several years ago.

Many Sister Wives followers believe Kody Brown did the show for money and fame. But the wives had to give up the most privacy to do this show. Here is a guy sleeping with four different women who were just fine with this. So Kody seemed to get the better end of this deal.

The four wives, on the other hand, had their daily lives displayed as they shared just one man. The jealousy was alive and well among the women, which was hard to hide. So this had to be embarrassing for the wives to share on the screen.

Kody Brown might have wanted to normalize his lifestyle as well, but many believe he locked into Sister Wives for a payday. But fans’ comments suggested back then that the wives did the TLC series to educate the viewers, more so than for the money.

So when this new friend shared her original thoughts about the Sister Wives clan, Christine piped up. She told Ava that she just hit on the reason they agreed to do the show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Sister Wives: No Hand-Holding a Strange Concept

Most people think of a polygamous marriage similar to what they read in the headlines. This episode aired several years ago when the investigations and arrests on one polygamous sector became nationwide news.

While talking with the Sister Wives ladies during this episode, Ava still couldn’t wrap her head around one thing. She just didn’t get why Kody doesn’t show affection to any of his wives with the other wives around.

Meri explained how they just don’t want it thrown in their face. To know about it is one thing, to see it is another, she explained. Still, Ava thought if the Sister Wives women know their husband is sleeping with these women, how could hand-holding spike jealousy?

Now that the Sister Wives rolled out 14 seasons, people became used to their lifestyle. Many more viewers accept their ways of life in this plural marriage than did when they first aired, according to comments through the years.

But you can see where they came from and the way people looked at them at one time. While Ava’s mindset has changed, she still represented a good majority of people with her original thoughts on polygamy.

This is what the Sister Wives spouses had to live with for a few decades until the show helped pave a path. You have to admit, they raised some really great kids and despite the turmoil from time to time, they seem to make this huge Kody Brown family work most of the time.

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