‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Stunned at What Her Dog Dragged In

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown snapped a photo of what her pup came home with recently and despite tucking it in bed, it won’t last a day. This brings up a saying that is usually saved for the feline persuasion of the family – “look at what the cat dragged in.” But in this case, it’s a canine.

This Sister Wives dog took the opportunity to bring something home. Although Janelle’s photo seems to point out that the dog’s latest find didn’t fare well inside a house.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Fits Right In

The drama on the screen keeps Sister Wives fans entertained. But three of Kody  Brown’s wives reach out to their followers a couple of times a week, including Janelle Brown. Each of the wives has their own style of communicating with the viewers.

Meri Brown tends to offer some heavy thoughts through cryptic messages. But Janelle and Christine Brown pass along mostly fun and frivolous stuff to the Sister Wives viewers.

Most of the time fans find themselves smiling at Janelle’s observations. She documented the demise of her snowman recently as it melted in her yard. Basically, she offers something frivolous now and then to brighten the fans’ day if only for a moment.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

So What Did The Dog Bring Home to the Brown Family?

There’s a funny thing about the photo Janelle showed to the Sister Wives show’s fans. You don’t know what you see at first. Even after studying it for a few moments, fans find themselves scratching their heads.

But once you read the few lines Janelle used to describe what is wrapped up in that furry warm blanket, you get it. Apparently, her pup, like a lot of canines, has a habit of picking stuff up outside and then carting it back into the house.

Her pup picked the one thing outside that will disappear within an hour or so once it gets inside the house. It seems this Sister Wives pup collects icicles. The photo above shows those icicles on the dog’s bed.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Chilly Find Brings On the Smiles

Icicles come with the bitter cold winter weather. When the sun comes out they melt and break off. It’s these shards of ice that Janelle Brown’s dog carts home for safekeeping.

Not only does the canine carry them into the Sister Wives’ house but it looks as if he tucked them into his cozy bed. Apparently seeing two ice cycles placed so carefully by her dog prompted Janelle to snap the photo.

Fans don’t know how these ice pieces ended up. But they pretty much surmise Janelle tossed them in the sink, freezer, or back outside. What this TLC celebrity did by bringing this to the viewers was start a fun conversation.

Some talked about how their dogs bring in sticks. One Sister Wives enthusiast described how her dog carts in logs. The type of logs you saw for a fireplace. Now that’s a heavy habit, noted a few other Sister Wives followers.

Others talked about how they would love their pup to find icicles enticing. That’s because during the winter the dog goes after frozen rabbit poop. The list of what dogs carry home and why they do this is still growing bigger among Janelle Brown’s followers.

Days are long as folks find themselves stuck at home during this pandemic.  It can get pretty lonely for some people. But for a few minutes, this Sister Wives mom gave her fans a topic to chat about.

Get ready as the new season of this TLC reality show rolls out on Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm EST.

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