‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Raises Questions – Claims Scene ‘For Real’ and Not Scripted

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown cleared things up for fans recently when she posted a reply to a question about a possible scripted scene. That’s the one question that surrounds most reality shows. Is the show real or do they follow a script?

It looks like Janelle Brown recently nipped that question in the bud for the Sister Wives fans in a recent online post. Janelle agreed with Meri Brown’s claim that she was driven off by her neighbors. A fan wanted to know from Janelle Brown if they scripted Meri and the neighbor drama.

Janelle answered that it’s “for real”. So, coming from the second wife of the Sister Wives clan, fans will most likely take that as the truth.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Considered Trustworthy

Janelle Brown is considered the more level-headed wife among the Sister Wives spouses by many fans. She is often considered the voice of reason on the TLC reality show.

So now fans know that Meri’s neighbors really did run her off. But the reason behind the neighbor’s angst over Meri Brown as a neighbor was never made 100 percent clear.

Janelle said the neighbors did run Meri off but she offered no details as to why. While Meri alluded to the Sister Wives polygamous lifestyle as the reason, she never directly stated this.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown



Words Chosen Very Carefully?

Despite Janelle Brown’s validation that the neighbors pushed her Sister Wives co-wife out of their neighborhood, questions pop up. Fans looked back on what the family members said on the episodes so far this season. It seems the reason this happened isn’t very clear.

Meri talked about the neighbors approaching her landlord. In turn, the landlord requested she leave. They also mentioned life’s tough for a polygamous wife. But no one came right out and said the neighbors didn’t like the idea of a man taking on four wives.

Even Janelle didn’t offer that up when answering the question to the fan online. What they’ve said so far seems to speak more to the Sister Wives show in the neighborhood, rather than their polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Drops Biggest Clue

It seems as if the Sister Wives adults chose their words very carefully when discussing this. But it looks like Robyn Brown dropped one of the biggest clues. What she said appears to point to the media circus as the culprit and not polygamy.

In one scene, Robyn came into the garage after hearing the neighbor yell something at her. She said the neighbor yelled that they didn’t want the Sister Wives living here – a clear reference to the TLC show – rather than their family.

Janelle Brown and her co-spouses don’t introduce themselves as the Sister Wives family. No, they consider themselves members of plural marriage. They consider themselves the Brown family. Period.

Another clue popped up as the neighbors watched the Brown family move in. One of the kids said the neighbors filmed them as they move in. That’s when Meri turns to Robyn and asks why they would do that. Robyn suggested the neighbors were collecting “evidence”.

So, Janelle Brown answered the question about the neighbors – and many fans take her word as truth. But she didn’t address the reason – and she’d be guessing anyway. No one knows the mindset of the neighbors. But it could be they didn’t want the hassle of a production crew in their neighborhood.

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