‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Pushed Aside – Fans Furious

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown tends to find the silver lining in difficult situations but from where she sits today she has to be steaming. Fans of this TLC series weren’t surprised by Kody Brown’s lack of commitment to building on Sunday’s Sister Wives episode. Especially since he is quite content with the new million-dollar house that he calls home in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes Do

A while back Kody claimed Robyn got the crumbs. But from where things sit today, it looks like Janelle Brown doesn’t even get that much. Sister Wives fans fume over the recent treatment of the second bride to marry Kody.

A comparison of Janelle’s rental home in Flagstaff to Robyn’s estate in the same town shows Janelle got the short end of the stick. The photos below demonstrate the cramped surroundings Janelle needs to make do with. They also show the spacious and luxurious house that the youngest bride calls her Sister Wives home.

So, when Janelle Brown wanted to see some movement on Coyote Pass and Kody put her off. This erupted a storm of angry Sister Wives enthusiasts over the scene. He claims he loves the house he is in, so apparently, he considers Robyn’s house his main home. Because he’s content, he’s in no hurry to up and leave for a new dwelling.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown in Small House - Robyn Brown in Big House

Kody Deemed Selfish

Many of the Sister Wives viewers are at their wit’s end with the show. Some followers feel that what they witness as far as polygamy goes is only staged for the series.

When the co-wives attempted to get their shared husband to start with the steps toward building homes on Coyote Pass, he bucked them all the way. He won’t commit to anything. Janelle, who usually backs her husband even when the others don’t, was shot down by him as well.

The Sister Wives patriarch’s true colors came through on the latest episode. The audience learned something about the four building lots he purchased on Coyote Pass. The four now turned into seven in Kody’s head. Apparently, he wants to make three more lots out of the parcels and use them for income or… the kids?

Janelle Brown described Kody’s plans nicely but it wasn’t hard to recognize that she was perturbed. She said that Kody thinks he’ll become a real estate mogul. This was after he said that he wants to build seven houses and rent out two or three. Or possibly offer the houses to their Sister Wives kids if they want to live nearby.

Then the fans got to see Kody Brown talk into the Sister Wives camera and reveal he’s stalling on the construction. Followers of the TLC series jumped all over this. Instead of building four homes now, he wants to wait and do seven all at once.

Sister Wives Update: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle and Co-Wives Get Runaround

With Christine’s Vegas house finally sold it sounded as if the Sister Wives ladies thought they’d have enough to start the building. But Kody nixed that. He said just because they unloaded the house doesn’t mean they have money.

Janelle Brown seems to think this plural marriage may survive. But she also appears to know it’s not working the way it should. Listening to their hubby talk, they moved a long way off from the Big Love-type of lifestyle.

The Sister Wives shared husband drops hints about how the women all act disenchanted. The five spouses also come off as fragmented as well as unhappy. Some wives seem fed up with Kody and some of them seem fed up with the other co-wives. But he claims he’s just fed up all the way around.

The Family

Blurts Out Family Secrets

His last little reveal was horrendous. He told the Sister Wives audience that some of the other wives don’t trust Meri to allow the family access to the pond if she were the legal owner. So they won’t let her build on the property that the pond is on.

Many in the audience don’t recognize that love multiplying as Kody Brown says in the opening of the Sister Wives episodes. Instead, it appears it’s dividing.

But many of the Sister Wives followers think Janelle appears slighted. She took a small rental, unlike the other wives who went after luxury digs.

Now that so much time passed since they planned to start construction, but papa Brown still drags his feet. Yet the shared hubby sits in the lap of luxury as do three out of the four co-wives. Then there’s Janelle Brown who put her faith in that husband of theirs only to have him give her the runaround on this TLC series.

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