‘Sister Wives’: Is Robyn Brown Pregnant? Thanksgiving Photo Suggests She Is

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown was photographed this Thanksgiving along with her fellow sister wives and their shared husband Kody Brown. Robyn’s been noticeably absent from pictures pretty much since the last season wrapped. Then suddenly the last two weeks she’s surfaced in several pictures alongside Kody’s other wives.

However, what is striking about the latest Sister Wives picture is what the women do not have on their feet. Kody Brown’s the only one of the five wearing shoes. Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown are all sporting funky socks. However, Robyn is barefoot. Could this be a hint to fans that baby number 19 is in the making for the Brown family?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Barefoot And Pregnant?

Chatter has been swirling online for months about Sister Wives’s celeb Robyn Brown. Many have speculated that Kody’s fourth wife could, in fact, be dodging family events and photos due to a pregnancy they were not ready to share with the public. These rumors first started when she missed Kody and Christine’s daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson’s graduation. However, Robyn could have just been sick. But still, these rumors still plague the Browns even today.

The Sister Wives all spent the holiday together. They even snapped a pic and several of the shared wives posted that same photo on their social media pages. However, there’s no mistaking the elephant in the room. All the ladies are just in socks but Robyn is barefoot. So, of course, the chatter of Robyn being with child once again has new steam.

Robyn Brown Is Kody’s Favorite Wife

It’s fairly obvious that Sister Wives’s Robyn Brown is the wife Kody prefers to spend his time with. It’s been reported that he spends just about every night with his fourth wife. So, a pregnancy is likely to happen with all those nights spent together. Robyn’s not just the newest of Kody’s wives, she’s also the youngest. The mother of five just turned 41 last month. So she’s still very much able to safely have one last child for the dad of 18 and grandpa of 2.

Robyn’s last pregnancy was not as smooth as her others. Plus she struggled to lose the baby weight as easily after Ariella was born. So no doubt she’s got some reservations about having a sixth child. But she does want to please Kody and continue to be his favorite. Add let’s not forget that Kody is having his own bout with baby-fever ever since becoming a grandfather. So convincing Robyn Brown to have one last child probably wouldn’t come with much resistance.

Sister Wives: Too Cold To Be Barefoot – Robyn Making A Statement

Clearly, the Sister Wives alum is trying to make a point with her lack of clothing choice. It was a brisk 36 degrees in Flagstaff on Thanksgiving about the time the family picture was taken. Fans have even commented that her feet must have been cold.

So Robyn Brown just might have deliberately taken off her socks to get fans talking. This could be a ploy to drum up publicity and controversy ahead of Sister Wives season 14 debut in early January. The Browns certainly are not above creating buzz to get viewers watching their TLC series –especially since it is not the rating juggernaut it once was.

Season 14 of TLC’s Sister Wives starts January 5th.

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