‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Has Her Own Schedule for Locking Virtual Door?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown seemed to go through the biggest transformation within this plural marriage since the show first aired but why? Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series know Robyn used to use social media, but doesn’t much anymore

But they also remember how fixated she seemed on the haters and the pain they caused her with some of the comments at times.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Chatter Times Out

Once upon a time, the youngest wife from Sister Wives shared a lot online, this is in such a contrast from today. Robyn Brown seemed to lock her accounts and throw away the key.

It seems like when the last couple of seasons rolled to a close, so did Kody Brown’s youngest wife when It comes to online activity. While Robyn Brown tweets during the Sister Wives episodes, she keeps it all about the show. Then when the season ends and they take a hiatus, it seems Robyn does as well.

This leaves some Sister Wives enthusiasts to surmise that the tweets Robyn Brown pops off while the episodes roll along are most likely mandated by her contract. Why else would she stop as the seasons end?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Quite The Contrast

Robyn Brown often had Kody Brown chime in when she offered up some words of inspiration. Robyn contributed to a lot of chatter during the lull between the Sister Wives seasons several years ago.

Besides offering words to live by, like the post above, Robyn often sang praises to her shared Sister Wives husband. Several years back, it’s easy to see who gave Robyn Brown support within her plural marriage. It seems only two of her family members commented back on a frequent basis.

Of course, Kody Brown offered support. At the time he still demonstrated that smitten behavior on the show. Then there’s Meri Brown. She often chimed in to support Robyn by validating what she said in a post or she’d add some encouraging words of her own.  But… this all stopped.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown


Sister Wives: Yes, Robyn Brown Shaken a Few Times

The youngest wife from the Sister Wives clan seemed to handle the majority of the slams online. After all, reality stars open themselves to this the minute they invite cameras into their daily lives.

While Robyn Brown shot back with quotes about turning the other cheek to her haters, she wasn’t feeling that way. In a book that the Sister Wives adults wrote at the beginning of their reality show fame, Robyn shared how she really felt about the fan bashing.

When the fourth Sister Wives co-wife joined the family, fans accused her of attempting to get Kody all to herself. She said critics called her a homewrecker. This is nothing new to the veteran viewers. Even today some still look at Robyn this way.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Virtual Elbow Rubbing Days Are Gone

It appears Robyn may have thrown in the towel when it comes to rubbing virtual elbows with the fans. She had plenty to say online during the heyday of Sister Wives, but not much any more.

With what is going on now with the family, Robyn would probably leave herself wide open again today if she tweeted. Robyn Brown’s three co-wives appear to scramble to raise money. Kody Brown has said they are in financial distress, yet she doesn’t appear to work.

Without Robyn showing up on the social media platforms fans ask why she doesn’t work. If she personally popped in, that question would probably snowball into all types of accusations and name-calling by the trolls. So, it appears she might stay clear of online chatting for that reason.

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