‘Sister Wives’: Evie Brush’s First Outing Since Amputation

Sister Wives cutie Evie Brush is now recovering from her amputation surgery. Her grandma Janelle Brown was there to help her daughter Maddie Brown Brush the days leading up to and the days after her return home from the hospital. Now Janelle is back in Flagstaff— but Maddie has other family members there to help.

Christine Brown and her daughter Ysabel Brown are now in North Carolina. Proud Auntie Ysabel is enjoying quality time with her only niece. Here’s an update on Evie Brush’s condition and her first outing with Ysabel.

Sister Wives Update: Maddie Brown Brush Shared Evie’s Condition

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush revealed to fans her daughter Evangalynn Kodi Brush was born with FATCO (Fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly) syndrome. It’s a condition that causes limbs to be malformed. Little Evie was born missing a thumb, a toe, and a calf bone in one leg. Also, her shinbone was bowed and a few of her fingers were webbed together.

Sister Wives‘ Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush were advised to wait until Evie’s first birthday to see how she grew and developed. then they would be in a better place to make a decision whether amputation was the right choice for their daughter.

After months of research and consultations with doctors, the Sister Wives family decided to have their daughter’s foot amputated. It certainly weighed heavily on their hearts. However, they know that this would give their little girl the best possible quality of life long term. Evie turned one August 20th. Her surgery was a few days later.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Evie Brush Not Letting Her Cast Slow Her Down

Sister Wives’s Evie Brush is not letting her two casts slow her down. She is doing her best to just enjoy her playtime with her big brother Axel Brush and her parents. In fact, this is what her mom Madie says abut little Miss Evie, “Evie’s poor cast has taken quite the beating. She’s not letting anything stop her! “. No doubt this old-year-old has the right attitude. This confidence will certainly help her as she goes up dealing with a sometimes cruel world to those that are “different’.

Now the Sister Wives toddler has one of her favorite Aunts and her Oma to dote on her. Christine Brown along with her daughter Ysabel are visiting North Carolina this Labor Day weekend. Certainly, Evie is enjoying the special bonding time with her aunt. In fact, it looks like Ysabel took her niece to the park to play on the swings. This is Evie’s first outing since her surgery just two weeks ago. Christine is a proud mom and Oma. She couldn’t resist sharing this adorable pic (see below) of her granddaughter and daughter on social media.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown In North Carolina Ahead of Her Own Surgery?

Christine and Kody Brown’s shared Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis diagnosis a few seasons ago on Sister Wives. Now as Ysabel is getting older and her scoliosis is still not under control. So it looks like she will finally have the surgery she and her family has been attempting to avoid all these years. Recently we learned the huge amount of money Christine needed to raise to cover her portion of the surgery. So that could explain why Kody was so adamant about pursuing non-surgical remedies.

So with Christine planning a lengthy social media hiatus and a “vacation” from selling her LuLaRoe fashions, it’s likely that after this family time with Maddie and the kids that Christine will be stepping back from her online public presence to tend to Ysabel’s recovery full time. SW fans will likely see the surgery storyline on the next season of the Brown’s hit TLC Sister Wives show which is currently filming and should air later this year or early next year.

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