‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Jarod Wants Second Wife – Vanessa Says No

Seeking Sister Wife star Jarod Clark approaches his wife Vanessa Clark about adding a second wife into their marriage. However, he’s quickly shut down. Where does this leave the marriage between Jarod Clark and Vanessa Clark?

Seeking Sister Wife: Jarod Is a King

On Seeking Sister Wife, Jarod Clark talks about how he’s the king of his household. He says he wants to be treated like a king. But, he also believes the women in his life should be treated like queens. At the same time, he also believes to be treated like a king or queen, you need to act like one.

However, he says he developed an interest in a plural relationship after learning about history. Jarod Clark from SSW says he learned about how kings had several wives back in the day. Also, he explains how this made it easier for the kings to grow their kingdom and strengthen their leadership.

But, when Jarod from Seeking Sister Wife isn’t busy looking for a second wife to add to his marriage, he works. He says his main job is working as a teacher with special education needs children or kids who have behavioral problems. Then, he explains he also works as a personal coach, helping people to reach their fitness goals.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Clark

Vanessa Clark’s Husband Approaches About Polygamy

On Seeking Sister Wife, Jarod talks about how he wants to grow his family and add in an extra wife. So, he talks to his wife Vanessa of ten years about adding another wife into the picture. However, she quickly shuts him down.

But, Vanessa says she and her husband have been legally married for ten years. After taking some time to think about her hubby’s request, she says she realizes she’s got a lot about her mindset she needs to change. She realizes by adding another woman into the household, you’ll always have someone with you. Then, she says you’ll always have someone there if you’re laughing or crying. Plus, she says you’ll “never be alone.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Clark -Jarod Clark

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Clark & Jarod Clark Add Another Spouse

On Seeking Sister Wife, Vanessa finally gives her husband the approval to get another wife. So, he starts going out and searching for one. Then, he talks about how he met Kelah at a bar. However, he says he’s friends with the owner of the club, just like Kelah is. She flips out on him after he asks to get into the business for free.

Kelah Clark says she’s never alone and that’s why she loves plural marriage. Also, she says she’s always been interested in being a sister wife. Kelah believes her interest in being a sister wife is because she’s always been a free spirit.

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