‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Dumped & Divorced via Text

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden talks about how his second wife has dumped him. Also, he opens up about how he received the heartbreaking message.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden’s Reason For Choosing Polygamy

On Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri Snowden says he isn’t interested in practicing polygamy because of his religious reasons. Instead, he says he practices polygamy because he says he believes in the family being the center of life. Next, he says choosing to live this lifestyle truly focuses on the strength of women. Dimitri says this is because women always power a family. Also, he says he wants to “build a legacy” around this idea.

Next, Dimitri Snowden’s first wife Ashley talks on SSW about how they’ve been looking around for a sister wife for ten years. Then, they go on to reveal the highest point of their search. Dimitri talks about meeting Vanessa, the second sister wife they added to their family. He says two years ago, he met Vanessa online. Also, he says things between Vanessa and the rest of the group really “hit it off.”

Also, on Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri Snowden asks Vanessa to move with their children from Atlanta, Georgia to Las Angeles. After this move, Dimitri decides to make Vanessa a permanent part of their marriage. They threw an expensive and fancy wedding together to celebrate the new addition to their marriage. Dimitri says they had the wedding venue at a winery in California. Also, he says he got the chance to renew his vows with Ashley. But, he admits his marriage to Vanessa wasn’t legal, but spiritual.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden

Vanessa Ditches the Marriage via Text

On Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri Snowden talks about how everything seemed okay between Ashley, himself, and Vanessa. But, they believe Vanessa knew that living with a plural relationship wasn’t the right choice for their life. So, one day, she goes on a trip to Seattle. This is when Vanessa decides she’s gone with the group and being married.

So, Vanessa from SSW sends a text message to Dimitri. In the text, she says she doesn’t want to be apart of a plural group anymore. After her trip to Seattle, she comes back with her mother. This is so she can collect all of her belongings and move out of Dimitri Snowden’s house.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Feels Embarrassed

Dimitri Snowden from Seeking Sister Wife says being left by Vanessa was very embarrassing. He says it hurts a lot, especially because they had a huge wedding in front of all of their friends and family members. Then, he explains there are some people in his bloodline who didn’t believe in a plural relationship. But, Dimitri says he uses the wedding to prove to those people that it can actually work.

However, after being left by Vanessa, he says he feels embarrassed. Then, he explains that by Vanessa leaving, she proved to their family members that polygamy doesn’t work.

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