‘Return to Amish’: Where Is Rebecca Schmucker Now?

Return to Amish star Rebecca Schmucker won’t be returning for another season of the TLC show. She left her Amish lifestyle to live in the English world. But, where is Rebecca now?

Return to Amish: Rebecca Schmucker Leaves Strict Community

Fans first met Rebecca Schmucker on the original series Breaking Amish. She was married at a young age and had a daughter. But, after getting a divorce, she was looking for a fresh start. On the show, Rebecca ditched her strict community to experience the English world. It wasn’t easy for her to adjust to her new life. However, meeting her now-husband, Abe Schmucker, changed everything. She and Abe even eventually tied the knot.

Rebecca Schmucker continued to share her story with TLC viewers on the spin-off Return to Amish. After getting hitched, she and Abe Schmucker welcomed a baby girl together. Rebecca also got a job to make her own money. But, Abe wasn’t happy that his wife was working. So, she quit and started to focus on her education. Rebecca then studied to get her GED but failed the test. However, she did eventually pass.

After a few seasons, Rebecca Schmucker and Abe Schmucker decided to call it quits and leave the show. The TLC couple wanted to stay out of the spotlight and live a more private life.

Return to Amish: Rebecca Schmucker

Rebecca’s Cousin Rosanna Asks for Advice

Rebecca Schmucker may no longer be on TV, but fans will get to see a family member of hers leave the Amish community. The new season of Return to Amish follows her cousin, Rosanna, as she seeks out new experiences in the English world. Rosanna didn’t want to live a “strict and simple” life anymore. So, she joins her friend Maureen Byler and heads to Florida to visit Maureen’s grandmother Ada.

Rosanna from Return to Amish revealed that she had spoken to Rebecca Schmucker about leaving the Amish. But, Rosanna was told by her that it would be challenging. Rebecca said it is “hard” leaving the tight-knit community and your family behind. Rosanna quickly realized how difficult it is to be away from her family. She even suffered a panic attack after arriving in Florida.

Return to Amish: Abe Schmucker - Rebecca Schmucker

Return to Amish Celeb Still Married & Raising Kids

While on the show, Rebecca Schmucker’s marriage to Abe Schmucker hit a rough patch. She wasn’t happy that Abe was always on the road working while she stayed at home and took care of the kids. The TLC pair sought out professional help and went to see a counselor.  Abe’s mother, Mary Schmucker, even sat in on the session. Counseling seemed to have worked since Abe and Rebecca are currently still married.

The Return to Amish reality star is still living her English life with Abe Schmucker and their two kids. Rebecca Schmucker is a mother of two daughters, Kayla and Malika. She and Abe are also still close to his family. Rebecca seems happy not being in the public eye, but will she and Abe make an appearance in the new season?

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