‘Return to Amish’: Where are Abe and Rebecca Schmucker This Season?

Return to Amish stars Abe and Rebecca Schmucker have been on the TLC show from the start. But this season Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are not featured in any of the previews. Abe’s mom Mama Mary Schmucker is back again, though.  Fans want to know if the couple is coming back.

Return to Amish: Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are moving on

The fact that Abe and Rebecca Schmucker aren’t in the preview for the new season of Return to Amish isn’t a mistake. These two are actually moving on from the show. Rebecca responded to Starcasm and shared that they aren’t coming back. Abe, Rebecca and their two daughter’s won’t be on this season of TLC’s Return to Amish. This is a big loss to the show.

Rebecca said, “We made the decision to no longer participate in being on Return to Amish. We are just normal every day people trying to live our best life. We wish the best to the rest of the cast!” It sounds like they are just ready to be done with reality television, which is their decision.

That isn’t all that Rebecca had to say, though. She did let Return to Amish fans in on a little update about her. She got her GED just like she had planned to do. It is great news to hear this from Rebecca. You could tell that Abe was really unsure about her doing this, but they are still together and she was able to finish her degree.

She also admitted that the negativity and attacks on the show were part of the problem when replying to a fan. Rebecca said, “The attacks were out of control. I’m just not nearly as into social media as I used to be. I find more happiness talking face to face with people. And thank you for always being awesome and sending me positive vibes!”

New faces are joining Return to Amish

This season will have Jeremiah and Carmela Raber back once again. This couple is still together. Mama Mary Schmucker will also be there along with Sabrina Burkholder. Mary is ready to try and join the Amish church once again. Sabrina has been through a lot over the past few years. There are also going to be a few new faces coming to Return to Amish this season.

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The new people joining the show seem to be just leaving the Amish lifestyle. Maybe they will have some help learning how to not live the Amish lifestyle from other’s in the cast. It will be interesting to see some new faces. Kate Stoltz and Rebecca and Abe were on the show since the beginning, so they had to find a way to replace them.

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