‘Return to Amish’: Ex-Amish Jeremiah Raber Upsets Fan with Devil Costume for Halloween

Return to Amish with Jeremiah Raber is coming back and he has already upset a fan with his devil costume for Halloween. Jeremiah went out to celebrate the holiday with his family. While doing so, he went to his social networks and shared pictures and video of what they were dressed like and their trick or treating.

Return to Amish Jeremiah Raber and his costume

Jeremiah Raber shared about his costume several places, but on his Instagram is where one Return to Amish fan got upset with him. As you can see in Jeremiah’s picture, he painted his face with red and black makeup. He was also wearing a cape with a hood on it. The hood had devil horns.

One fan responded to his post and they were not happy that someone who is ex-Amish would dress this way. Shelly Olsen said, “Seriously is this supposed to be funny Jeremiah, do you believe the Lord looks down, laughs & thinks Wow, well done, dressing up as the enemy looks cool???” Return to Amish star Jeremiah Raber decided to respond and not just let it go. He said, “I’ll never be able to please everyone so I pleased myself.” Other fans agreed with Jeremiah as one explained Halloween is about dressing up, it wasn’t Easter.

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Jeremiah Raber posts his Halloween video

Jeremiah Raber and his wife Carmela Raber will be back again. In his new Halloween YouTube video he shared that Carmela was in Wal-Mart getting a few things, so obviously, these two are back together again. The kids were with her in the store shopping as well. Jeremiah of Return to Amish did this video as a live one on YouTube, but it is also still up for the fans to watch. You could tell fans were talking to him. Someone named Nelson did tell him that he looked like his true self. This was someone that Jeremiah knows personally.

About twelve minutes into the video, Jeremiah’s wife and children finally came out to the car. It was time for the family to head off and enjoy their Halloween. Carmela had on a halo and she was the opposite of her husband’s costume. They did a joint couple costume, which is really popular now.

The new season of TLC’s Return to Amish

It is time for a new season of Return to Amish. The TLC The show will be back with new episodes on November 18, 2018. It looks like it will be back on Sunday nights on TLC. Things are going to change up this season a bit with a few new cast members.

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