‘Return to Amish’: New Cast Members, Spoilers for Upcoming Season, Leaked Video Revealed

Return to Amish is about to come back for a new season and the cast members joining the show have been revealed, but so far only in a preview. The new preview shows that there are several new people on the upcoming season. They are all just learning to live in the English world and Jeremiah Raber is helping them along the way.

Return to Amish add three new cast members

This season on Return to Amish Jeremiah Raber, Carmela Raber, Sabrina Burkholder and Mama Mary Schmucker are all back again. Abe and Rebecca Schmucker made the choice not to come back again. With losing a few cast members, it is time to bring on new cast members to replace them.

From a promo video on TLC, it appears that joining the cast this season are one new man and three new women. Right away, they are seen in a preview already trying on swimsuits and heading to the beach. They also seem like they are obviously new to the English lifestyle. So far, TLC has been able to keep their names quiet. It looks like they are just leaving their religion similar the way things were on the very first season of Breaking Amish. It is going to make part of the show feel like the original. At least one of them is Mennonite and it hasn’t been shared if the others are Mennonite or Amish yet.

New TLC preview shows spoilers for the upcoming season

A new preview aired last night TLC. In this Return to Amish preview viewers got to see a bit about what is going on this season. Jeremiah Raber is working a donut business. They go around selling their donuts, but it looks like he has a partner who isn’t easy to deal with at all. Carmela Raber is on the show again and current updates show that they are still together.  Jeremiah Raber is also going to be helping the new cast members get used to their new way of life.

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Another thing that the preview touched on is the fact that Mary is talking about going back Amish again. Since the very first season, Mary has struggled about if she should go back to the Amish church or not. She has been shunned more than once by them. It will be interesting to see what decision Mary makes this season. It might finally be time for her to go back home since her son Abe and his wife Rebecca quit the show already.

The new season will start airing on November 18, 2018, on TLC. You can catch a new episode every Sunday night.

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