‘Return to Amish’: Rosanna & Maureen at Odds – Will Friendship Survive?

Return to Amish stars Rosanna and Maureen are at odds in the new season of the TLC show. They leave their Amish life together and look for a new beginning. But, spoilers reveal that Maureen and Rosanna’s friendship is tested in the English world.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Seeks Help from Cousin Rebecca Schmucker

In the new season of Return to Amish, newcomer Rosanna wants to leave her tight-knit Amish community for a new experience in the English world. According to Rosanna, they have to follow strict rules and live a “simple life to be closer to God.” She says that all they do is work and sleep. She also says that they are not allowed to go out and have fun. Rosanna wanted to make a big change. So, she called her cousin and former Breaking Amish cast member, Rebecca Schmucker, for help. However, Rebecca told her that it’s not easy leaving.

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Rosanna’s biggest fear is that she’ll get shunned. She also is afraid that her parents won’t talk to her anymore. She fears that they might not even consider her to be their child. Rosanna says leaving was a “really hard decision to make.” She knows that it may mean she will never see her family again.

Return to Amish: Rosanna

Maureen Leaves Teaching Job

Rosanna’s friend, Maureen, also plans to go with her and ditch the Amish life for the outside world. Return to Amish‘s Maureen is an Amish school teacher, and she loves her job. She says that it’s going to be sad to leave her students behind. Maureen also says that she’s “attached to each of them” and that she will miss them a lot. But, for her, the worst part about leaving her students is that she fears they might not respect her anymore. She believes they’ll think she’s a “bad person.”

Rosanna may not be getting help from her cousin, Rebecca Schmucker. But, she and Maureen will be getting advice from a few familiar faces. Return to Amish spoilers show that Maureen’s grandmother, Ada, introduces them to Jeremiah Raber and Sabrina Burkholder. Jeremiah and Sabrina try to help Rosanna and Maureen adjust to their new lives. However, living the English lifestyle may not be what they were expecting.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Rosanna

Return to Amish Celebs’ Friendship Suffers

After ditching the Amish community, Maureen and Rosanna experience many firsts together. They go to the beach and shop for English clothes. But, their relationship hits a rough patch. Rosanna finds it annoying that Maureen keeps talking about a boy she met. Maureen thinks that Rosanna is jealous that she is talking to Danny. However, Rosanna insists that she isn’t jealous of her.

The Return to Amish reality stars then start to question their friendship. Spoilers hint that Rosanna doesn’t know if she can still be friends with Maureen. However, Maureen shares that she doesn’t even trust her anymore. They started their new lives together, but will they continue to be friends? Find out what happens between Maureen and Rosanna when the new season airs every Monday night on TLC.

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