‘Return to Amish’ Spoilers: Rosanna Suffers Scary Panic Attack

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Rosanna deals with a scary panic attack. She leaves her Amish community for a fresh start. But, her family doesn’t seem to agree with her decision. So, they stop talking to Rosanna, and that causes her to break down.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Rosanna Misses Family

Rosanna was looking for a new adventure when she decided to leave her close-knit Amish community. The Return to Amish cast member said that being Amish isn’t fun. So, she wanted to see what else is out there. Rosanna and her good friend, Maureen, take a leap of faith and leave their old life behind for the English world.  But, it seems like her new life isn’t what she was expecting it to be.

Return to Amish spoilers explain that Rosanna starts to miss her loved ones back home. She says that she “can’t stop thinking” about them and that they aren’t talking to her anymore. Rosanna doesn’t like not having any support from them. She says that “it’s kind of scary.” But, leaving the Amish community was her dream, and it was what she “always wanted to do.” However, she doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to make it in the outside world.

Return to Amish: Rosanna

Rosanna Suffers Serious Health Scare

Rosanna starts to become overwhelmed with emotions and begins to feel like she is going to faint. The Return to Amish castmate steps away to get a breather. Maureen comes in to try and help her. She tells Rosanna to keep talking to her. But, Rosanna tells Maureen that she can’t open her mouth or feel her hands. Maureen tries to calm her down. However, the situation only gets worse.

Return to Amish spoilers show that Rosanna appears to be having a severe panic attack. Maureen tells her that she’s “just panicking” and to “think of other things.” But, the TLC star isn’t able to control how she’s feeling. Sabrina Burkholder also tries to help and gives her a glass of water and an ice pack. However, Rosanna doesn’t take them. Instead, she panics even more. The situation becomes scary when she starts to blackout.

Return to Amish: Rosanna - Maureen - Sabrina Burkholder

Return to Amish Celeb Struggling in English World?

Rosanna was excited to leave her Amish life behind to experience the outside world. While living her new life, she does everything she couldn’t do while living under Amish rules. She visits the beach and goes shopping for English clothes. Rosanna even gets her belly pierced. She also sees toilets that automatically flush for the first time. But, having her family always in the back of her mind seems to take a toll on her.

The English lifestyle may not be what the Return to Amish reality star thought it would be. Rosanna was looking for fun and good times. But, the stress of feeling alone and away from family proves to be difficult for her to handle. Will Rosanna go back to the Amish community? Find out when the new season airs every Monday night only on TLC.

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