‘Return to Amish’: Rosanna Leaves Home – Baffled by Public Toilet

Return to Amish star Rosanna leaves the mundane life behind and opts for a life in the outside world as the new season rolls out on TLC. Up until now, Rosanna told the story of how she functioned in her world. Living among the Amish religious community nestled in rural Pennsylvania is what she’s leaving behind.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Wants More Than An Existence

Return to Amish follows several young adults who get up the courage to leave this very sheltered existence behind. Rosanna describes this as a “strict” religious community.

Up until now, her days consisted of working and then sleeping. So, she works until she was so tired that she needed a night’s rest. Then, like the others on Return to Amish, she’d get that rest in order to function yet another day to do her chores.

It looks like this revolving door of work and sleep is not Rosanna’s idea of life. So she’s ready to find bigger horizons. But she won’t head out into the world alone. Plus she does have a destination in mind.

Return to Amish: Rosanna

No Such Thing As Fun?

One of the things missing for this Return to Amish star is fun. This is not something in their curriculum as a member of the community she lives in.

So, Rosanna and a few other adventurous young souls from their Return to Amish community are ready to take this leap of faith. They plan to seek out a place where fun is part of the lifestyle.

Rosanna said in a recent interview how their simple but strict lifestyle is fashioned this way so they can be closer to God. After being under a microscope and living such a rigid existence, this has to come with a little fear of the unknown for these young adults.

Return to Amish: Rosanna - Maureen

Return to Amish: Where Does Rosanna Go from Here?

Rosanna leaves Pennsylvania on Return to Amish and heads to Florida with her friend Maureen. The journey offers many surprises for this duo of friends. Even a public toilet confuses these young ladies as they can’t quite figure out the flushing mechanism. So, it appears these two Return to Amish stars have a lot to learn.

At least they have a destination and that’s the home of Maureen’s grandmother, Ada, in Florida. The excitement of their pending trip has Rosanna all geared up. But this comes along with worries as well. But with Maureen by her side, the two head out.

These young ladies from Return to Amish seek out a life where they can experience fun. But leaving their original home comes with sadness. It looks like Rosanna and Maureen worry about finding themselves shunned for leaving their home by all the families and friends who stay behind.

Rosanna fears her parents will never speak to her again. But it seems their wanderlust outweighs their fears and Rosanna and Maureen start on this journey in the new season of Return to Amish.

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