‘Return to Amish’ Spoilers: Newcomers Maureen and Rosanna Escape for the ‘English World’

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that newcomers Maureen and Rosanna escape for a new life in the “English world.” They get help from two people who know what it takes to leave their old lives behind. Sabrina Burkholder and Jeremiah Raber return for another season. They help Rosanna and Maureen adjust to their new lives. However, Sabrina and Jeremiah also deal with a lot of their own issues.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Ada Helps Granddaughter Maureen Leave Amish Community

In the upcoming new season of Return to Amish, two new faces look to ditch their Amish ways. Ada, who is known for being Jeremiah Raber’s boss, tells him and Sabrina Burkholder that her granddaughter, Maureen and her friend, Rosanna, want to leave the Amish community. Sabrina finds it shocking, while Jeremiah Raber says that it seems like they’re “starting an Amish zoo.”

Maureen from Return to Amish is a school teacher who spends most of her time in her classroom. But, she believes that the “Amish life isn’t for everyone.” Spoilers for the new season hint that Maureen finds herself a love interest. She says that she has a crush on a “really handsome” guy. She also tells her crush that she’s still a virgin, and the two share an awkward kiss.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Rosanna

Rosanna Goes down the Wrong Path?

Rosanna is also looking for a new beginning. The Return to Amish cast member isn’t happy living the Amish way. She says that she wants to leave because her life isn’t fun. Rosanna wants to see what living in the “outside world” is all about. But, spoilers hint that she enjoys herself too much and starts to go down the wrong path.

Return to Amish spoilers explain that Jeremiah Raber believes that it could be dangerous for Rosanna to ditch her Amish ways. He says that he “can fully see Rosanna going down the wrong path.” He also says that he can see her “get into a lot of trouble.” Jeremiah Raber knows all about getting in trouble. Since he left the Amish community, he has had a few run-ins with the law.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Rosanna

Return to Amish Celebs Face Good & Bad Times

Maureen and Rosanna don’t waste any time experiencing everything the “English world” has to offer. The TLC newcomers decide to make new friends and ask them what they like to do for fun. Shopping is one of the first activities they do together. Rosanna and Maureen also hit the beach for the first time and spend time in the water. They even head out on a boat to try out parasailing. Rosanna says that it’s “the best day of my life.” But, the good times don’t last.

Return to Amish spoilers show that Rosanna and Maureen start to turn on each other. Rosanna isn’t sure that she can be friends with Maureen anymore. Maureen reveals that she “never really trusted” Rosanna. Will their friendship be able to survive in the “outside world?” Find out when the new season premieres on TLC starting March 22.

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