‘Return to Amish’: Maureen and Crush Danny Share First Kiss – Grosses Out Fans

Return to Amish newcomers Maureen and her crush Danny share their first kiss on the TLC show’s new season. Maureen may have been happy to get closer to Danny. But, fans were grossed out when it came to their intimate moment.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Maureen Leaves Amish Life Behind

Season six of Return to Amish welcomes newcomer Maureen. She gets her grandmother, Ada, to help her escape her tight-knit Amish community. Maureen is looking for a fresh start in the “outside world.” As a teacher, she spends a lot of time in her schoolhouse. However, she feels like there is more to life than living under Amish rules.

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Maureen is excited to experience many firsts in the English world. She is happy to be gaining freedom and getting the chance to do fun activities. She doesn’t even hesitate to go shopping and try on clothes that she’s never been allowed to wear. Maureen also heads to the beach for some fun in the sun. However, living in the non-Amish world may prove to be too stressful for her. But, a potential lover could help her adjust to her new life faster.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Danny

Maureen Shares First Kiss with Crush Danny

It doesn’t take Maureen long to find herself a crush in the English world. The Return to Amish cast member says that she has a “crush on this really handsome guy,” named Danny. She and Danny spend a lot of time getting to know each other. They even talk about their personal lives. Danny asks Maureen if she’s “slept with anyone yet?” She tells him, “nope,” and that she’s still a virgin.

Return to Amish spoilers hint that Maureen is hiding something from Danny. She says to him that she has something to tell him. The news she shares must be good since Maureen and Danny start smiling at each other and then share a kiss. However, their kiss was a little unusual. Their lips never touch, but there is a lot of tongue action. And fans had a lot to say about that.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Danny

Fans React to Return to Amish Celebs Kissing

Many viewers were grossed out about the kiss between Maureen and Danny. One fan said, “we’re just gonna act like that tongue kiss didn’t happen.” Another one said that everything about the kiss was “beyond weird.” According to a fan, the tongue part was disturbing. But, they feel like Maureen and Danny seem “so innocent and pure” that they just had “zero idea” what they were doing. Others said that it was “traumatizing” and made them feel “uncomfortable.”

Despite the cringy exchange between Danny and Maureen, many Return to Amish viewers can’t wait to see what happens between the two. One fan hopes that there is a happy ending between them. However, a fan said that Maureen “can do way better” than Danny. Watch their love story unfold when the new season airs starting March 22 only on TLC.

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