‘Return to Amish’ Spoilers: Rosanna Miller Goes on First Date

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Rosanna Miller goes out on her first date. While she has a new experience in the outside world, Maureen Byler also shares a first with her man, Danny. In the meantime, Sabrina Burkholder and Jeremiah Raber have crucial confrontations.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller Meets English Friends

Rosanna Miller shed her Amish ways to experience life in the outside world. The Return to Amish cast member made her first English friend in Florida while shopping for swimsuits. She was excited to hang out with her new friend, Claudia. But, the virus outbreak had hit Florida hard, so she and Maureen Byler left to stay with Ada in Pennsylvania. Rosanna was upset. However, shortly after, she found out that Claudia was also in town.

The Return to Amish reality star then had a friend’s night out at a trampoline park. Rosanna Miller enjoyed jumping on trampolines. However, she had even more fun getting closer to one of the boys Claudia brought along. She and the English boy, Nick, even sat down together to get to know each other more. He said that he had never met someone like her before. So, he was curious to know if she’d like to go out with him sometime.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller

Rosanna Heads Out on First Date

Rosanna Miller spent a lot of time listening to Maureen Byler talk about her crush. However, now it seems like it’s her turn to talk to a boy. Return to Amish spoilers hint that Rosanna is happy that she is going out on her first date. She shares that she has never been out with a boy before. But, she says that this is what she wanted to do in the English world.

Return to Amish spoilers show Rosanna Miller going out for the first time on a date. She and Nick go mini-golfing together. During their date, there is a lot of flirting going on. However, Rosanna isn’t the one flirting. Nick calls Rosanna beautiful and says that their golf balls “are kissing.” The two seem to hit it off. And, by the end of the night, Nick asks Rosanna if he can kiss her. Yet, Rosanna has an unsure look on her face and doesn’t know how to answer. Will she kiss him?

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller - Nick

Return to Amish Spoilers: Maureen Byler’s Romance with Danny Heats Up

Rosanna Miller isn’t the only one talking about kissing. Maureen Byler’s romance with Danny starts to heat up. They decide to take their relationship to the next level. According to spoilers, Maureen and Danny have a passion-filled night. But, Maureen starts to worry about an abnormal feeling afterwards.

Return to Amish spoilers also hint that Sabrina Burkholder’s relationship with Jethro Nolt gets rocky. Jethro walked out on Sabrina, leaving her to care for their two littles by herself. But, the TLC pair meet face to face and have an emotional conversation. Will they be able to work things out?

In the upcoming episode, Jeremiah Raber meets up with his biological cousin. He’s hoping to get answers about his father. But, it seems like Jeremiah gets emotional after talking to another family member.

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